Ecwid + Convead: 9 Simple Ways of Using Visitor Segmentation to Grow Sales
Posted Nov 8, 2017 by Maria Dryukova, Convead

Ecwid + Convead: 9 Simple Ways of Using Visitor Segmentation to Grow Sales

What is the value of visitor segmentation for e-commerce business? Segmentation allows you to take a deeper dive into visitor behavior by using analytics data. It helps e-commerce businesses to get a complete picture of their target audiences and use that information in their marketing activities to grow sales and customer loyalty.

Ecwid stores support integration with various analytics solutions that differ in their practical focus.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Convead marketing platform that, in addition to providing general website analytics, keeps track of visitor behavior and allows you to segment them by various types of events and characteristics.

What kind of information is there?

For any segments of visitors, even the most specific ones, there are detailed statistics such as the number of orders, the average order value, and the total amount of purchases made within the group. You can also see where these people come from, when and how often they visit your store, and what products they are interested in.

Convead dashboard: here you can segment your audience and view metrics

Convead dashboard: here you can segment your audience and view metrics

Convead generates real-time reports for each segment of visitors, prospects, and customers. For example, you can easily determine what product categories are most viewed or purchased, in what regions, and from what platforms or devices.

Now, let’s see what you can do with all of this information to get more value for your online business.

1. Create segments to evaluate advertising campaigns

If you run advertising campaigns on popular platforms (such as Google, Facebook etc.), you can create segments for each of them and compare conversion rates, the average order value, the total income, and visitor behavior. In this case, the segment settings might look like this:

Sample settings for advertising and marketing campaigns

Sample settings for advertising and marketing campaigns

In addition to the metrics, Convead will also display a sales funnel. This is a visual representation of the buying process for the chosen segment, starting from the traffic sources and a ending with the purchase.

Visual representation of the buying process in Convead with analytics data

Visual representation of the buying process in Convead with analytics data

2. Segment visitors by their behavior

Depending on your marketing goals, you can create segments according to various types of visitor behavior (e.g. “bought N times”, “viewed products but did not buy”, “no visits for the last 3 months”, etc.).

For example, if people were in your online store several times but didn’t purchase anything, we can assume that they could not make a decision and, perhaps, needed some help or additional incentive from you.

Sample settings for segmentation by visitor behavior

Sample settings for segmentation by visitor behavior

It is possible that they are studying products and are not yet fully confident in them, or the website content wasn’t helpful enough.

Think about publishing or sending out some tips on how to choose the right product or how to use it properly. You can, for example, ask visitors to provide their email address in exchange for an ebook, video guidelines or a free webinar.

3. Target visitors by location

This is one of the simplest things to do in Convead. You can single out your audience by their location to offer them, for example, special shipping conditions.

Sample settings for segmentation by location

Sample settings for segmentation by location

4. Identify most promising groups of customers

Those groups may include regular shoppers or those who recently made a major purchase, or just people spending a lot of time viewing your pages, etc. You can show them relevant messages with special offers, discounts, “secret” sales, or an invitation to join a loyalty program.

5. Collect emails

If you have a blog or a regular newsletter, you can invite new visitors to subscribe. You can identify people without email and show them a message with the invitation. Once the emails are gathered, you can create another segment, for those who subscribed, and send to them your blog updates or any other useful information.

Sample settings for the segment of Newsletter subscribers

Sample settings for the segment of Newsletter subscribers

6. Welcome new visitors

This is a simple and very nice way to let people know that they are important. You can create a segment for all the new visitors to your online store and prepare a greeting message — such as: “Welcome to our store! Here is a gift for your first purchase.”

You can create an automated ‘Welcome’ message with Convead’s visual editor

You can create an automated “Welcome” message with Convead’s visual editor

7. Return customers and recover abandoned carts

You can track customers who abandoned their carts and manage unfinished sales directly in Ecwid, since this feature is available for all Ecwid stores on the Business plan and higher. With Convead’s segmentation tools, you can also divide these customers into more specific groups (by gender, location, viewed product categories, etc.) and prepare a relevant offer for each group.

8. Get more leads and prospects

Ask your visitors whether they want to be notified about the availability of a certain product in your stock. This will allow you to achieve two goals at once — get more emails and create a segment of good prospects.

9. Use segmentation for your loyalty programs

This is one of the most pleasant ways of using the power of segmentation. Ask for your customer’s date of birth upon registration and set up a triggered email campaign based on this data. People will be pleased to receive your greeting with gifts and special offers. It will definitely help you to win their loyalty and attention.

Setting up customer segment by the date of birth

Setting up customer segment by the date of birth


Segmentation is a handy tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It will help you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers and to offer products at the right time and to the right person! If you do not yet have a Convead account, create it now to try out these marketing ideas or to implement your own. Convead analytics is free and marketing tools are available by subscription.

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