Posted Jul 15, 2015 by O.J. Wolanyk, Ecwid Team

Take your brick and mortar store online, instantly

Today, Ecwid has released Ecwid POS-to-Online, a revolutionary new way for retailers with cloud-based point of sale (POS) systems to instantly create an online store that is fully synchronized with their offline business. No matter if a customer buys a product in store, online, on their phone or through Facebook, a merchant’s catalog, inventory, customer and transaction information always remains in sync.

The solution is available immediately to users of First Data’s Clover® POS solution through the Clover® App Market. Clover® is a leading, cloud-based POS system and offers numerous business apps, giving merchants the flexibility to customize and extend their POS functionality. Ecwid POS-to-Online integration with additional POS systems will be available soon. To learn more, please visit our app’s landing page.

With Ecwid POS-to-Online, in one click merchants instantly create an online store from their POS inventory and can manage both their online and offline commerce from a central location. When a sale is made either online or in-person, data is updated and synchronized automatically, providing seamless integration between online and in-store sales.

“I was amazed that I could import all of my 300+ products from my Clover Station inventory into Ecwid, and finish about 85 percent of my online store setup in less than five minutes,” said Mark Lenz, owner of Smoke & Bones Woodshed in Savannah, Georgia. “We now have an online store that took me only two days to build and launch, and my customers are free to shop online or in our store while I can easily manage all of my inventory and sales transactions no matter where they decide to make their purchase.”


Ecwid POS-to-Online currently is available for existing Clover® merchants who wish to create and add a new Ecwid store. But don’t worry, availability for existing Ecwid sellers and additional POS integrations are on the way. Stay tuned!

Ecwid always been about choice by empowering customers to create beautiful online stores quickly and easily, and embed them into virtually any web presence (even multiple sites at once). Now, with Ecwid POS-to-Online for Clover® in the Clover® App Market, retailers can bring the power of Ecwid to their physical stores, enabling a seamless experience for merchants and their customers, wherever they wish to do business. For more information, or if you are a Clover customer, visit

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