Ecwid at CloudFest: World-Class Partnerships for Small Businesses
Posted Mar 26, 2018 by Erik Suhonen, Ecwid Team

Ecwid at CloudFest: World-Class Partnerships for Small Businesses

CloudFest is one of the world’s top cloud events, held in Rust, Germany. During the event, we showcased the Ecwid e-commerce platform, which we use to empower 1.5 million merchants with the best technology, to a wide range of companies. The event was phenomenal — see for yourself in our recap.

Cloudfest 2018 in numbers

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What We Did

We showcased the power of our e-commerce platform at CloudFest in a variety of ways:

Ecwid at Cloudfest: shuttle buses

Ecwid buses to help event attendees get around for free

Ecwid at Cloudfest: e-scooters

Ecwid e-scooters to ride around in and out of the exhibit hall and the theme park

Ecwid Karaoke

Ecwid Karaoke night

We had a strong physical presence on the exhibit floor. Our booth was bustling with activity for five days in a row. In partnership with Duda, we displayed live omnichannel product demos, such as:

  • The embeddable Ecwid storefront to add on any website
  • A native merchant-branded mobile app for consumers
  • A mobile store control panel with POS, perfect for merchants
  • Our new Sell on Facebook solution.

Erik Suhonen Erik Suhonen, Head of Partner Marketing and Program Management:

“As a recent launch, our ‘Sell on Facebook’ solution was well received. We demoed it live to many interested companies. In the coming months, we will be releasing additional functionality that is going to enhance our partner experience, bringing our Ecwid e-commerce platform to more merchants globally.”

Ecwid at Cloudfest booth

Erik showing a live demo of the Ecwid control panel

Dmitry Verbichenko Dmitry Verbichenko, VP of Business Development:

“The new version of our e-commerce plugin for WordPress integrates Ecwid with the WordPress ecosystem like never before. Ecwid Mobile enables you to create an e-commerce website using nothing but your smartphone. Partners loved our new features, which will soon be available through their channels.”


Running a small business can be tough. Here at Ecwid, we work to provide small businesses with the best technology so that they can reach more customers — online and in person — with less hustle.

CloudFest was a fantastic event to introduce the Ecwid e-commerce platform to more like-minded companies. Together, we can empower small business operations by democratizing e-commerce all around the world.

About the author
Erik is Head of Program Management at Ecwid. He has spent over 20 years in e-commerce, SaaS, mobile, messaging, analytics and media. His experience ranges from startup founder to public Fortune 500 executive, including 9 years at Yahoo.
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