Introducing Dynamic AMP Emails by Ecwid & Google
Posted Mar 26, 2019 by Den Nikiforov, Ecwid team

Stand Out in Inbox with Dynamic AMP Emails by Ecwid

Nearly 4 billion people worldwide rely on email to get important information about promotions, orders, product updates, and more. Whoa! But what happens when the content being sent changes? Product availability. Order status. Once sent, static email becomes irrelevant faster than an internet cafe in Silicon Valley.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with Gmail to be the first e-commerce platform to launch dynamic email for e-commerce merchants. Built with brand-new AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, Ecwid emails will now display accurate and up-to-date information at every open, delivering fast and efficient experiences and recovering more sales for Ecwid merchants.

Opening an email more than once finally makes sense! Whether it’s an order status update or an abandoned cart communication, your email automatically syncs with your Ecwid store to keep your content up-to-date.

Scroll down for email examples that are available for free in Ecwid right now.

How Dynamic Emails Win Attention and Save Clicks

For the first time, AMP emails contain always-up-to-date information for users to engage, making your emails actionable, helpful, and fun.

At launch, we’re implementing four email types for Ecwid merchants and their customers.

Interactive abandoned cart email

An abandoned cart email is a message sent to store visitors who didn’t complete their purchases. This email is personalized, allowing your visitors to see their cart contents and a reminder to finish their checkout. Ecwid merchants who use this feature in its automated mode recover an average of 15% of abandoned carts.

AMP for Email makes abandoned cart emails more compelling with live and dynamic product information and a new layout that mimics your store product page to encourage recipients to interact with the content by:

  • Clicking through your product carousel
  • Zooming product images
  • And opening product descriptions right in their email.

Navigation filters in Ecwid

Early tests have already confirmed higher engagement and conversion rates for new interactive abandoned cart emails over traditional abandoned cart email content.

Real-time order status email

Tracking order status has always been a tedious process for online shoppers. A Sisyphean dance of saving confirmation numbers, checking emails, and clicking through to one or several pages to (hopefully) get updated status reports on the product in question. Sigh.

Now, customers can get accurate and always up-to-date order status information from a single email. Each time your customer opens their confirmation email, they’ll see the latest updates and information about their order. If you change the status from “Paid” to “Shipped” in the Ecwid Control panel, your customer will see it.

Order status preview

One-click email verification at sign up

Online verification is secure… but annoying. AMP emails improve the experience by keeping new Ecwid merchants in their email without redirecting to third-party services.

Welcome preview

If you sign up with Ecwid today, you’ll verify your email address right in your confirmation email with a single click.

Change order status in email (coming soon)

Today, if a customer places an order through an Ecwid store, that Ecwid merchant gets notified via email. Normally, this email would take you to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales → Orders to review the order and change its status to “Processing” once it’s been confirmed. You would then need to return to the Control Panel at a later time to change the status to “Shipped” once the order has been sent to the customer.

With AMP for Email, Ecwid merchants will soon be able to manage orders right in their order notification emails. You’ll have the power to quickly and efficiently manage orders from any device without clicking through to a website or mobile app, creating a seamless — and effortless — store management experience. Keep an eye on your order emails for interactive content.

How to See Dynamic Emails in Your Ecwid store

Dynamic emails will be automatically enabled on all Ecwid stores for US merchants — no additional action required. We’ll be rolling all these new features out to our Ecwid merchants in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on your Ecwid store for updates.

For now, dynamic content is only available through Gmail processed emails, with more supported email clients coming soon.

Sell Anywhere — Including Email

With Ecwid, you can sell anywhere — on your website, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, mobile apps — and now in your emails too.

Together with Gmail, we’ve built a solution that has the power to truly revolutionize email for e-commerce. AMP for Email is supported on all pricing plans, including our Forever Free plan. Sign up today!

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Den Nikiforov is a Product Designer at Ecwid. He loves to see his ideas come to life and bring good to Ecwid entrepreneurs. In his free moments Den enjoys sci-fi books and long walks.
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