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Drupal Themes: Choosing The Best Free Drupal Theme

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The theme of this article is, well, themes! Customization is the name of the game, and we’re looking at Drupal themes to see what they have to offer. Customization is a massive part of finding the right CMS company. Feeling too limited in creating web content and online store modularity are all important factors when setting up the perfect online store.

The appearance of everything will be a viewer’s first impression, and heavily influence how long they are going to stay. A well-themed website can even determine how frequently customers are going to come back. Outside of visual aesthetics alone, streamlined modularity and user friendliness are also factors to consider when it comes to picking the right themes.

Ease of use, or how easy a website is to navigate, is a huge aspect of visitor retention and sales. Nobody wants a difficult or complicated process when trying to buy something or access information, so it goes without saying that it’s a pretty important decision to make when setting up your online store.

Keeping visual aesthetics and ease of use in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best free Drupal themes available—to make sure you’re getting the most out of your CMS experience.

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The X Base Theme

Let’s start with something simple.

Sometimes, the best way to invite a visitor into a site is to give them plenty of space to breathe and feel like they have the space and time to explore at their leisure. When it comes to Drupal themes, The X Base Theme is certainly the embodiment of simple and clean. It is a simple, lightweight, and clean theme personally developed by Drupal. It works with both Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.

Despite being owned by Drupal, The X Base Theme is not dependent on its host company, nor is it dependent on any third-party companies or systems. Once you decide to use this theme, you effectively take complete ownership of how to implement it. And, you retain the ability to determine its overall functionality for your own site. So far, no issues have been reported for The X Base Theme, making it one of the most reliable and appealing of Drupal’s themes for newcomers.


This next one will keep the image and point of your site clear. In terms of Drupal themes, Kunco is all about “the big picture.” With a large, open space at the head of the page to display a picture that captures the core of your business or blog spot, there will be no guessing when it comes to what your site is about. Kunco is great for pushing the emotionality of visitors, making it a fantastic option for crowdfunding, fundraisers, charity events, and anything that requires a lot of heart and soul to facilitate. It is image-driven, fast-loading, and reactive, making it the perfect place to display a large number of pictures and videos to draw a visitor in.

Kunco - Charity, Crowdfunding & Fund Raising Drupal 8 Theme

Don’t take this to mean that you are limited to this design, though. Drupal still boasts its customization potential, as this, as with all Drupal themes, is open to any necessary edits, widgets, or additions as you see fit. Kunco supports Drupal 8.7 and above, SASS, HTML5, Bootstrap 4, and Font Awesome, and will be sure to catch the eye of any prospective visitors.


Don’t be alarmed by this one’s name. There’s nothing spooky about this Drupal theme. In fact, it’s one of the most inviting ones they have to offer!

Inspired by WordPress’s own “Skeleton,” this is one of the best free Drupal themes for newcomers looking for a simple, yet pleasing experience for their site. Developed by “More Than (just) Themes,” this theme is excellent for tech presentations and electronic gear displays. “Skeleton” might be bare-bones, as far as Drupal themes go, which only means that there is plenty of room for additions.

Feel free to add as many widgets, ads, extensions, and whatever might feel right to design a perfect site, without losing any of the potential extravagance that any of the other Drupal themes have to offer. “More Than (just)Themes” is constantly pumping out creative and fun Drupal themes for free use. This is a must-see for anyone looking to make an inviting online store or blog spot.

Vartheme BS4 Base Theme

Here is another great starting point for anyone hunting for Drupal themes and great site development tools. Similar to “The X” mentioned above, “Vartheme” is a base theme that provides a wide area of functionality and customization. Vartheme BS4, soon to be Vartheme BS5, is based off of Barrio, which is an empty layer base theme. While the open space might seem overwhelming at first, this is a great base theme that allows ultimate creativity.

It’s perfect for corporations and supports many useful features such as background videos, images, topics, etc. Did we also mention that it’s open to free use? Take your liberties in your hand with this Drupal 9 theme that has limitless potential.


Newcomers to Drupal or free Drupal themes will definitely want to keep this one on their radar. DXPR is one of Drupal’s best themes ever built. This theme actually used to be premium, if that speaks to its quality at all. Fortunately for you, it is now completely free, meaning there is nothing stopping potential online sellers from cashing in on this great theme. It is Bootstrap-based, like many of the other Drupal themes. “DXPR” allows limitless possibilities when it comes to customization.

Premium Drupal Theme _ Free DXPR Theme

Watch live demo at DXPR website

All of this can be done through Drupal’s editing dashboard, meaning that there is no need to worry about coding background or experience with HTML when using this free template. A perfect theme for newcomers to CMS and ecommerce, this theme keeps on giving without taking anything from clients wise enough to choose this, one of the best Drupal themes.

Stay Tuned

Be sure to keep an eye out for more great and free Drupal themes. The market is constantly changing and growing, and the number of themes out there is only going to increase in size and quality as time goes on.

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