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How to use Telegram, Kik and Whats App for business
Posted Jun 2, 2016 by Kristen Pinkman

Creative and Low-Budget Ways to Use WhatsApp, Kik and Telegram For Business

Messenger marketing is a new type of online marketing that helps to use messengers like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger, and more to tell stories, inspire people and sell more. Messengers are used more and more every month especially by younger generation of 14-29 years, they stay strong and gain new and new users every day.

Last time we told a lot about marketing on Facebook Messenger and now want you to get more effective and low-budget ways to sell out-of-the-box with these marketing tactics on top messengers like Whats App, Telegram and Kik.

Why the popularity of messengers is growing so fast?

Thousands of enterprises in China accept payments and place ads in WeChat or Weixin, the largest of local messengers. Local businesses of US get in touch with customers through Kik, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and other messengers.

But for the people’s love of doing all the business in one place, another strong benefit of messengers (and this one is more important to business owners) is that you don’t need extra staff to do the job. Bots will do all the work instead. Сhina Southern airlines, for example, allow their users type in the date and the time of their trips and they will instantly get the info about tickets. Bots work greatly with all the other functions of messengers: they send images, videos, documents, accept payments and understand your location.

It opens up new ways for online store owners to communicate with their customers and provide them with the opportunities of:

  • Individual customer assistance
  • Real-time support
  • Online ordering & concierge services
  • Customer feedback
  • Team communication & coordination
  • Additional traffic to the store
  • Product promotion

This is why messengers can serve as information channels in many ways:

  • As a newsletter
  • As a channel for events and discounts
  • For fast service and support
  • To collect feedback
  • As an informal chat with customers on a certain topic connected to the product

Below you’ll find some great ways to use these channels to get more customers.

Promote your company with WhatsApp

I bet you already have a WhatsApp on your phone. And major of your friends, and  the most important — your clients.

One billion users prove WhatsApp being the most popular messenger worldwide. The world goes faster and faster, that is why so many people choose high-speed communication channels. Another fact that makes WhatsApp promotion worthy is that almost 100% of messages are open.

You may be surprised at some opportunities to use this messenger. Some businesses have practiced it for a pretty long time.

To communicate with clients on WhatsApp, you’ll need to provide them with your phone number (don’t use your personal number!), or to place a QR-code in your pop-up shop, on stickers and flyers, or even on your site. There is a vise versa way to collect numbers from your clients and to invite them to your chat.

Chatting to WhatsApp has some rules you’d better keep in mind if you want to make it smooth and avoid common mistakes.

Respect your customers

You are not a spammer so always keep to the point and avoid flooding. Unless you get an agreement from your customer, you can’t send them anything. Suggest adding your company number in contacts via email, in social media or sending this info with the order (it’s a nice way to use physical stickers).

The optimal frequency for your content is 2-3 messages per day. The companies who follow this rule have the lowest subscription cancellation rate. If the user wants to stop receiving your messages, it should be easy to do any time. Explain it in your message from the very beginning. WhatsApp has a functionality of deleting a contact from contact list fast and simple, but it’s best to show you are not intruding.

Stay legal

WhatsApp doesn’t allow to place advertising officially. How do you promote, then? Send information, not advertising. Wrap promotions and special offers into sweet and personal messages full of care to the customer. Use emojis, ask for the opinions and keep it short.

Here is a good example of low-budget advertising on a non-advertising platform: last year Cafe TC had rolled out a campaign on Whats App called “Happy Hours Rewind” which allowed users could to turn backtime and extend the happy hours by extensive tweeting.

Be relevant

This one is actually about every content marketing strategy. Let’s say you started a channel some time ago  you may be thinking of what else to tell your customers. Be careful to spill your imagination to their minds. Keep the welcome message in your head or on your desktop and check if the content you’ve prepared cooperates with it. If you promised to send useful tips, the switch to funny memes may be a kill.

Having grown your channel you might need some help in managing it. Use WhatsATool to prevent any load problems and to save precious time.

How to use Telegram for promotion

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app famous for its security. Its users make 62 million and 220 000 new sign ups happen every day. Curiously, the creators never spent a penny on promotion, the app is free and its revenue model is currently based on donations (if you are a non-profit organization, using this messenger can be a nice marketing move).

There isn’t and there won’t be any advertising on Telegram. But the strong policy of Telegram creators formed a whole army of hardcore Telegram fans who switched to using it instead of all the other possible messengers. Even with no advertising, there are other cool ways to connect to the potential and new customers.

Start a Telegram channel

Channels are a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences. In fact, channels can have an unlimited number of members. When you post in a channel, the message is signed with the channel’s name and not yours. You can appoint additional administrators to help you manage the channel.

You can create a channel and be super fast with bringing your special offers and promos to customers. They will receive instant messages from you on their mobile screens or desktops. Moreover, it can be a public channel or a private one.

Why make it private? Because you can give access to the channel only to loyal customers and spread special offers. They will feel privileged and stay with your brand for years.

Linux has a Telegram channel too

Linux has a Telegram channel too

Create a Telegram bot

If little coding doesn’t scare you, you may try to make your service win the competitors’ with your own Telegram bot.

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software — not people. They can do anything — teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things. With their help everyone can do more not hiring extra managers, marketers and shop assistants and reduce the chance of human mistakes to minimum.

There are now many bots that can help you see the way it works and get ideas for your own service. Bot are friendly and nice, clever and responsive.

Telegram cares about users and follows you on every step of creating a bot. It is very simple to complete the instructions right in your Telegram interface. Add Chatfuel bot to get started and follow its instructions. Also, visit a special page for developers if you feel like you can do more or you are interested in getting deeper.

Stand out with your own Telegram stickers

If you are an artist, a designer, or just a curious online business owner, this is your chance to get popular and to promote your works. Telegram is the best messenger if you like using stickers. What is remarkable about Telegram stickers is that everyone can create a custom sticker set within only a couple of minutes.

Stickers are fun. But also they can be a source of free promotion if made cool and useful. They can be created as a separate project or to follow your marketing campaign (a contest, storytelling, promotion of new goods in your store).

To create a set of stickers, find @Stickers account on Telegram (just type “@Stickers” in the search bar). It is very easy — the Telegram bot will instruct and tell what to do step by step. To get inspiration, check out various sticker sets created by common people.

We here at Ecwid were excited to create our own set. Now we use it in our team and invite you to join the party!

Download them here.

Cute Ecwid stickers for Telegram :)

There are some things to keep in mind when sending the images to @Stickers:

  1. Stickers must be at least 512px on at least one side
  2. PNG is the recommended format
  3. Upload the graphic uncompressed

Another way to use this feature is to drop a contest among your customers for the best sticker of sticker set design. This may work if you sell goods, services or software for creative people, artists, designers or illustrators.

So these are the basics about promotion on Telegram. If you have more ideas how to benefit from the popularity of this messenger, welcome to comments. And we are moving on.

How to use promotion chats on Kik

Kik is another popular messenger that won traditional conversation. Currently Kik App has more than 275 million users most aged 18-24 and is very active among American teens, 26% of which had a communication with a brand. having about 250,000 new users every day! The average person spends 35 minutes per day using Kik so it’s a great place to show up.

It’s mostly used to start a conversation with customers. Comedy Central uses Kik to promote its viral videos. The Washington Post engages consumers with games and polls. Moreover, some time ago Kik introduced Promoted Chats with targeting options as a way to monetize its service. To find a promoted chat, type the brand’s name in the “Find People” section.

These chats work just like Telegram channels to serve different purposes, but almost everyone speaks in a friendly manner that makes the process very cozy. It resembles having a personal assistant that is eager to answer all your questions. Not only texts are used, but also GIFs, links and other instruments of entertainment making it interactive. It wins normal advertising being enjoyable and fun, so hurry up and try to attract new customers the ways only your fantasy can limit.

McDonalds uses Kik too!

If this is how you like to promote, feel free to create your own bot for Kik. They has launched a bot store recently where everyone can make a bot of their own.

How do I choose the right messenger for my business?

It  generally depends on your location, your target audience (their age, location and lifestyle) and the type of your business. If you still want to make sure messenger marketing’s worth it in your particular case, why not just ask your clients what messenger they are using (almost everybody is using at least one nowadays, especially youngsters.)

Remember that messengers take much less effort than social media promotion and can bring higher profit if you use them smart.

Here are 5 more things we have to add in conclusion:

  • Don’t use your personal SIM-card for promotional channels
  • Include messengers into your strategy especially if your audience is young
  • If you own a physical store, cafe or offer any kind of service offline, you can collect orders through messengers and speed the process
  • Be friendly and informal and your bots should speak the same manner
  • Play with more ideas: organize quizzes, quests and polls, use messengers to maximum

Do you have questions on how to use these or other messengers? Or maybe you have something to add? See you in comments.

About the author
Kristen is a social media manager at Ecwid. She finds inspiration in sci-fi books, jazz music and home-cooked food.