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Cheap Shipping Boxes and Where to Find Them

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Got shipping woes? Not on our watch! As an ecommerce brand, shipping has to be a priority for your business.

But costs add up quickly, and you may be researching ways to save a little bit of money on shipping.

Cheap boxes and packaging are a great place to cut costs for any size business, regardless of what you’re sending or where you’re located.

Whether you’re looking to save money on shipping or find the best type of box to send your products, the more you know about shipping, the better!

Let’s explore everything you need to know about cheap shipping boxes, where you can find them, and how custom options can elevate your brand.

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Types of Shipping Boxes

Businesses that ship products and goods online may use any of the four following types of shipping boxes to distribute items around the world.

Corrugated boxes: This is the standard type of cardboard box used for shipping items. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and can hold a solid amount of weight. Corrugated boxes are available in single, double, or triple-layer cardboard, depending on the protection your products require.

a pile of corrugated boxes

Image source: Amazon

Standard cardboard: Regular cardboard is thinner than corrugated cardboard and can be flimsier. It’s best used for lighter items, as it’s not quite as durable, but it can also be a cheaper option for businesses.

standard cardboard box

Image source: Papermart

Insulated boxes: Designed for food delivery and other temperature-sensitive items, insulated boxes are made from cardboard, styrofoam, and polyurethane to ensure goods don’t spoil on the journey to the customer.

insulated shipping box with ecoliner inside

Image source: Insulated Products Corporation

Where to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes

Looking to buy cheap shipping boxes? Here are the best online and in-person retailers to find affordable boxes for all your business needs.


Unsurprisingly, the retail giant offers a robust selection of shipping boxes, mailing supplies, and more! If you choose this route, Amazon makes it easy to buy in bulk, with prices well below $1 per box. You’ll find hundreds of size options, from extra small boxes for jewelry to extra large boxes for oversized goods. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll enjoy free 2-day shipping to have your boxes quickly.


Whether you’re shopping online or in person, Target offers a variety of shipping boxes in cardboard, whiteboard, bubble mailers, and more. You can purchase boxes in bundles or packs of 10 to save money and enjoy free shipping if you’re a Red Card holder.


Staples sells boxes and shipping supplies online and in their various storefronts. You’ll find corrugated mailers, shippers, layer pads, cushioning, and other mailing supplies. The more you buy, the more you’ll save, so don’t be afraid to stock up when placing an order at Staples.

Home Depot/Lowes

Home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Lowes carry an impressive inventory of boxes and shipping supplies. You’ll find options to buy in bulk and packing materials to ensure your products stay safe and protected.

Your shipping carrier

Most of the major shipping carriers, like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, offer free boxes and shipping supplies to their customers. If you ship regularly through one of these services, you qualify to use their boxes and mailers for free.

Online retailers

Many online shipping retailers offer discounted prices on boxes when purchased in bulk for your brand. These include Uline, Packaging Price, Packaging Supplies, and many more. By simply typing “buy cheap shipping boxes online” into a Google search, you’ll find many online retailers offer affordable pricing for any type of box you need.

Benefits of Cheap Custom Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes and custom packaging help set your business apart from the competition, improve the customer experience, and can be a powerful branding opportunity.

You can customize the box itself or opt for packaging (stamps, stickers, packing tape, etc.) with your branding printed on it. This adds a personal touch to every package you send out and showcases your creativity for customers.

Other shipping solutions include custom package printing from brands like Packible, which prints your branding and custom messaging on every box. Custom boxes can add up quickly, but the value they offer from a branding perspective is worth it.

Some businesses opt to buy plain shipping boxes in bulk and then decorate them using their brand’s colors, logo, and other artwork. This is a great way to add flair to each box while expressing creativity. From painter’s or washi tape to painting or drawing designs on the boxes, your customers will be delighted to receive a hand-decorated box.

Cheap Shipping Boxes FAQ

Get all your questions about cheap shipping boxes and mailing supplies answered here.

Where can I get free boxes and packaging?

If you’re looking for free boxes, try your local coffee shops, grocery stores, print shops, and schools to see their availability. You may get lucky and find some high-quality supplies at no cost!

Which carrier gives free boxes?

UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL provide free shipping boxes to their customers. You may have to use the shipping service specified on the box, like USPS Flat Rate or FedEx Ground, but you’ll enjoy cost savings across the board.

Which boxes are best for shipping?

For durability and cost, double-walled corrugated boxes are the most ideal material to use for shipping. Businesses won’t stress about their products arriving safely, and purchasing these boxes in bulk is a cost-effective option.

Save on Shipping with Ecwid

Shipping is one of the core components of what makes an ecommerce business successful. Whether you’re offering free shipping or customizing the supplies you use to get your products to customers, shipping is important for the customer experience and your reputation as a brand.

Looking for other ways to save on shipping? Ecwid’s discounted shipping labels provide users with a streamlined way to pay for postage and get their packages out the door. It’s accessible right on the control panel and allows our customers to select their ideal shipping carrier, print labels, and get on with their business operations.

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