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Posted Dec 8, 2015 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

Chatra: Modern Live Chat For Your Online Store

Friends, meet Chatra — a live chat tool done right. Chatra helps you connect to your customers and increase the revenue. And it fully integrates with Ecwid.

Chatra doesn’t look like a typical support tool. No photo-stock girls with white teeth, no characterless phrases like “Your message is very important for us”. Chatra is easy and fast, and is filled with some magic.


Software helps you earn more money for your business. Here are five features to consider:

1. Save carts. Engage customers proactively when they spend too much time in the shopping cart — help them place an order or offer a discount when they need it. Chatra shows you shopping cart contents and order details, so that you know who you are chatting with.


2. Segment visitors. Utm-codes help Chatra detect where the visitor came from and greet them accordingly. If you promoted your chocolate on a biker forum, the visitor can see something like “Hey man, park your bike and grab some tasty stuff!”


3. Collect contact info. Not only Chatra allows you to chat with visitors, but also collects emails, names, phone numbers. It will help you build the contacts base for newsletters and segment it the right way.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 21.06.58

4. Add life to your shop. Start using a live chat and your shop will never look like a soulless money-making machine. Friendly greet visitors, sharing your love to the products and services you sell.

chatra 3

5. Promote your items. It’s extremely important when your items are hard to sell online. Reply to all the questions via live chat and don’t let a confused visitor leave the website.

How to add Chatra to your Ecwid store

    1. Navigate to Chatra app page in the Ecwid dashboard and press the “Install” button.
    2. You’ll be forwarded to the Chatra dashboard. Chat widget will be installed automatically — no coding required.
    3. Finish setup. A handy guide:

Try now, It’s simple!

About the author
Vitaly Golovin – App market support-ninja. He works closely with the developers of applications for Ecwid. He likes to develop cool stuff in his free time.