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Posted Oct 3, 2014 by Lina Vashurina, Ecwid Team

Celebrating Ecwid’s 5th Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that just five years ago, Ecwid was released to the world as one of the first 100% AJAX e-commerce platforms. For small business merchants, AJAX may not mean much, but what it does for small businesses is powerful. Since 2009, Ecwid has enabled merchants with an existing website, blog, or Facebook page to easily embed an online store that blends into the respective site.

After five years, we’re grateful to the community for helping us achieve so much!

We already have 560,000+ registered merchants.

Ecwid is used in 174 countries. Its storefront is translated into 45 languages. It means about 5.5 billion people can see your store in their native language.

From very beginning our users created about 45 million products and uploaded 250 million of product images.

Ecwid servers process more than 1.5 billion requests every month

Since the first version 1200+ new features have been implemented

Our Facebook application has about 180,000 monthly active users and is the #1 shopping cart on Facebook.

Ecwid raised $5M funding this year

– 111,066 posts created on our forums

Had 1,000 Ecwid updates

The biggest store powered by Ecwid has 379,769 products

Our team has grown to 67 people

Opened a new office in sunny California — just 2 blocks from the beach

This year we consumed 130 kg (286,6 pounds) of coffee

We passionately believe in helping small business merchants, and we’re grateful to the community for believing in us! Your help, support, suggestions, feedback, criticism, comments and kind words have been invaluable to Ecwid’s development and achievements. Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Ecwid!

About the author
Lina is a content creator at Ecwid. She writes to inspire and educate readers on all things commerce. She loves to travel and runs marathons.