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16 Best Ways (Websites) to Sell Your Audiobooks Online

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Audiobooks have become a significant market in the United States, with over a quarter of Americans now listening to them. The publishing industry is seeing the fastest growth rate in this format, which is set to drive growth in book publishing for the next decade. In 2021, the audiobook industry in the United States generated sales of 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, indicating its significant size and potential.

Image source: Statista

Audiobook production, publication, and distribution can be difficult tasks. Luckily, there are a wide variety of different services available out there that can handle parts of the process for you.

Here are some of the best audiobook publishing platforms for you to consider.

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1. Sell Audiobooks on Amazon’s Audible (ACX)

Amazon and Audible are two separate companies, but Amazon owns Audible. Audible is the world’s largest producer and seller of audiobooks, while Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon acquired Audible in 2008, and since then, Audible has remained a separate entity while working closely with Amazon to sell audiobooks to Amazon customers. Amazon also allows customers to connect their Amazon accounts with their Audible accounts, making it easier to purchase and manage audiobooks.

Additionally, Amazon promotes Audible audiobooks on its website, giving Audible more visibility among potential customers. In short, while Audible remains independent, Amazon’s ownership has helped to strengthen its position in the audiobook market.

How to start selling audiobooks on Audible and Amazon using ACX

To sell audiobooks on Amazon, you can use their Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) platform. ACX allows you to upload your audiobook, set your price, and reach a wide audience of listeners. Here are the steps you can follow to sell your audiobooks on Amazon using ACX:

  • Create an account on ACX website: To get started, visit the ACX website (acx.com) and create an account if you don’t already have one. You will be prompted to provide information about yourself and your audiobook.
  • Prepare your audiobook files: Before you upload your audiobook files to ACX, make sure they meet Amazon’s quality standards. Amazon requires that your audiobook files meet certain technical specifications, so it’s important to follow their guidelines closely.
  • Upload your audiobook: Log in to your ACX account and click on “Add Your Title” to begin the audiobook upload process. You’ll need to provide some basic information about your audiobook, such as the title, author name, and publisher.
  • Set your price: Once your audiobook is uploaded, it’s time to set your price. You can choose from several pricing options, including pay-per-download, royalty share, or a combination of both.
  • Promote your audiobook: To maximize your sales on Amazon, you’ll need to promote your audiobook. You can use social media, email newsletters, and other marketing channels to drive traffic to your audiobook’s Amazon page.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible

There are numerous benefits to selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible:

  • Huge audience: Amazon and Audible have a massive audience of millions of customers, giving authors the opportunity to reach a wide audience with their audiobooks.
  • Increased visibility: Amazon and Audible have robust search and recommendation engines that can help to surface your audiobook for customers who may be interested in similar content.
  • Easy distribution: Amazon and Audible provide a simple, user-friendly platform for authors to upload and sell their audiobooks. This can save authors time and hassle compared to other distribution methods.
  • Competitive royalties: Amazon and Audible offer competitive royalty rates to authors, allowing them to earn a fair share of the profits from their audiobook sales.
  • Cross-promotion: By selling your audiobook on Amazon and Audible, you can benefit from cross-promotion between the two platforms. For example, customers who purchase your ebook on Amazon may be shown your audiobook on the Audible website.

Overall, selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible can offer authors a wide range of benefits, including increased visibility and easy distribution to a massive audience.

2. Sell Audiobooks on Google Play Books

Selling audiobooks on Google Play can be profitable, but the level of profitability can vary depending on a number of factors. Some factors to consider when determining the profitability of selling audiobooks on Google Play could include the genre and popularity of the audiobook, the pricing strategy, and competition from other audiobooks in the market.

Google Play also takes a percentage of each sale as a commission, so sellers must factor this into their pricing strategy. However, with Google Play’s large audience of Android users, there is potential for a significant number of sales for sellers who can effectively market and promote their audiobooks.

How to start selling audiobooks on Google Play Books

To sell audiobooks on Google Play Books, follow these steps:

  • Create a Google Play Books Partner Center account: This is a free account that allows you to sell your audiobooks on the platform.
  • Fill in your tax information: You’ll need to provide your tax information to Google so they can report your earnings to the relevant tax authorities.
  • Create a new audiobook: You’ll need to provide basic information about your audiobook, including the title, author and other relevant information.
  • Upload your audiobook files: You’ll upload your audiobook files to Google’s system, and they’ll check them to make sure they meet their technical standards.
  • Set your price: You can set the price you want to sell your audiobook for.
  • Choose an effective marketing strategy: Once your audiobook is live on Google Play Books, you’ll need to promote it to reach more potential customers.
  • Check your earnings: You’ll be able to check your earnings through your Google Play Books Partner Center account.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Google Play Books

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Google Play Books:

  • Large user base: Google Play Books is available in over 75 countries and has a large user base of Android users, which provides sellers with access to a wide audience of potential customers.
  • Mobile compatibility: Google Play Books is designed for mobile devices, making it easy for customers to download and listen to audiobooks on-the-go.
  • Customizable pricing: Google Play Books provides sellers with the flexibility to set their own prices based on the market.
  • Royalty rates: Google Play Books offers competitive royalty rates that make it financially rewarding for authors and publishers to sell their audiobooks on the platform.
  • Easy distribution: Google Play Books offers an easy-to-use interface for sellers to upload, manage and market their audiobooks.
  • Additional support: Google Play Books also provides additional marketing resources like Google Ads, YouTube advertising, e-mail, and other advertising tools to help sellers reach a wider audience and promote their audiobooks effectively.

In summary, selling audiobooks on Google Play Books can be a lucrative opportunity to reach broader audiobook audiences, enjoy the convenience of mobile-friendly apps, and make a profit from the diverse user base on the platform.

3. Sell Audiobooks on Apple Books

Selling audiobooks on Apple Books can be profitable, as Apple Books has millions of users and offers competitive revenue sharing for audiobook sales. However, the profitability can depend on factors such as the popularity and pricing of the audiobook, as well as competition and marketing efforts.

How to start selling audiobooks on Apple Books

To start selling audiobooks on Apple Books, follow these steps:

  • Create an Apple Books account: To sell audiobooks on Apple Books, you’ll need to create an Apple Books account and agree to their terms and conditions.
  • Provide your tax and banking information: You’ll need to provide your tax and banking information so Apple can pay you.
  • Upload your audiobook: Through the iTunes Connect website, you can upload your audiobook and add basic information such as the title, author and narrator.
  • Set your price: You can set the price for your audiobook in local currencies for each territory where it will be sold.
  • Review and finalize your audiobook details: Once you have entered all the information, you will be able to review your audiobook and must finalize your audiobook details to make it live on the Apple Books store.
  • Promote your audiobook: By marketing your audiobook through your website, social media, email marketing, and more, you can increase its visibility and sales.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Apple Books

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Apple Books:

  • Large user base: Apple Books has millions of users worldwide, providing sellers with access to a broad audience interested in audiobooks.
  • Apple’s marketing efforts: Apple Books actively promotes audiobooks on its platform, featuring various titles in their editorial collections and email campaigns.
  • Customizable pricing: Apple Books offers pricing and availability flexibility, which makes it easy for publishers and authors to experiment with different pricing strategies.
  • Competitive royalties: Apple Books offers publishers and authors a higher royalty rate than many other audiobook marketplaces, with royalties ranging from 35% to 70% of the sale price.
  • Visibility: As audiobooks are more featured on Apple Books, they are more likely to be discovered by readers, and sellers can leverage Apple’s discovery methods, such as editorial collections, as well as their own personal marketing channels.
  • User-friendly interface: Apple Books offers an easy-to-use platform that allows sellers to upload and manage their audiobooks easily.

In summary, selling audiobooks on Apple Books is a valuable opportunity for authors and publishers to reach a broad, engaged audience while receiving a competitive share of profits from sold audiobooks.

4. Sell Audiobooks on Spotify

Spotify has started offering audiobooks for sale after acquiring Findaway Voices, the biggest audiobook distributor for independent authors, in November 2021. The acquisition was finalized in June 2022.

Spotify has introduced audiobooks to its platform as a new product category, in addition to music and podcasts. However, it’s important to note that unlike music and podcasts, Spotify’s audiobooks are not free. Therefore, users must purchase each audiobook individually since they are not included in the subscription model.

But that’s good news for the authors—more copies will be sold!

How to start selling audiobooks on Spotify

To start selling music on Spotify you can do that through Findaway Voices. Jump to the next chapter (#5 in this article) of the article.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Spotify

Here are some benefits of selling music on Spotify:

  • Large user base: Spotify has a massive user base of 515 million active users worldwide, including both free and premium subscribers. This provides a vast audience for artists to reach and gain new fans.
  • Easy to use: Spotify offers an easy-to-use platform for artists to upload and manage their music, with features and tools for customization, monitoring, and promotion.
  • Specific targeting: Spotify offers tools and features for artists to target specific audiences with their music, including personalized playlists, social media sharing, and sponsored content. This allows for more effective promotion and audience engagement.
  • Analytics and insights: Spotify provides artists with data and analytics on audience engagement, listener behavior, and demographic information. This helps artists to gain insights into their audience’s preferences and make data-driven decisions for their music marketing strategy.
  • Discovery features: Spotify offers various features and tools for music discovery, including personalized playlists, algorithmic recommendations, and editorial curation. This increases the likelihood of new listeners discovering and playing an artist’s music.

5. Sell Audiobooks on Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is a platform that offers authors and publishers an easy way to create and sell audiobooks. By managing the creation of audiobooks, selecting voice narrators, and setting price terms, authors can maintain significant control over their content. Additionally, the platform offers cost-effective production services and access to a professional pool of voice actors who can bring their narrations to life.

Findaway Voices has also partnered with over 40 audiobook retailers, including Audible, Apple Books, and Spotify, offering authors and publishers access to a broad audience. With distribution, retail relationships, performance metrics, and more, Findaway Voices makes it easy to monetize audiobooks.

How to start selling audiobooks on Findaway Voices

To start selling audiobooks on Findaway Voices, follow these steps:

  • Create an account: The first step is to create an account on Findaway Voices. This can be done by visiting their website and following the account creation process.
  • Upload your audiobook: Once logged in, you can upload your audiobook to the platform, along with any accompanying files.
  • Review and approve the final product: After the audiobook is edited, you will receive the final product for review. Once you approve it, Findaway Voices will distribute it to over 40 audiobook retailers.
  • Start selling your audiobook: Once your audiobook is live on the retailers’ platforms, you can start promoting it and selling it to your audience.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Findaway Voices

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Findaway Voices:

  • Control: Authors and publishers have control over their content, including who narrates it, the final product, and the pricing terms.
  • Wide distribution: Findaway Voices has partnered with over 40 retailers, including major players in the audiobook space such as Audible, Apple Books and Spotify. This creates significant opportunities for sales and increased visibility.
  • Quality: Findaway Voices has a rigorous selection process for their voice actors and uses professional production studios to ensure high-quality recordings that will engage your audience.
  • Cost-effective: Findaway Voices offers competitive rates on recording and production expenses, making it an affordable choice for authors and publishers.
  • Detailed analytics: With Findaway Voices, authors and publishers have access to detailed analytics, including sales data and revenue breakdowns. This can help optimize marketing strategies and increase profits.
  • Global reach: Findaway Voices distributes audiobooks worldwide, allowing authors and publishers to reach a globally diverse audience.

6. Sell Audiobooks on Soundwise

Soundwise is an all-in-one platform that enables creators to monetize their audiobooks. The user-friendly mobile app offers offline listening and paid subscriptions for audio courses, podcasts, and more. Creators can focus on delivering quality audio content while Soundwise takes care of the technical and monetization aspects.

How to start selling audiobooks on Soundwise

To start selling audiobooks on Soundwise, follow these steps:

  • Create an account: The first step is to sign up for an account on Soundwise.
  • Upload your content: Once logged in, you can upload your audiobook content to the platform, along with any accompanying files or documents that listeners may need.
  • Customize your page: Next, customize your channel and landing page to reflect your brand, including a description, graphics, and profile photo.
  • Set pricing and subscription plans: Soundwise allows you to offer free or paid access to your content. You can set pricing, subscription plans, and access levels based on your preferences.
  • Promote and market your content: Once your audiobook is live on Soundwise, you can promote it through your website, social media, email, and other channels to reach your audience and increase your visibility.
  • Analyze your data: Soundwise also provides detailed analytics on listener behavior, earnings, and performance, allowing you to track your progress and optimize your marketing and sales strategy.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Soundwise

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Soundwise:

  • Monetization options: Soundwise offers different monetization options, including paid subscriptions, one-time payments, or free access. This flexibility enables creators to reach a wider audience and earn consistent, reliable revenue.
  • Fully customizable: Creators can customize their pages, channels, and landing pages according to their brand identity, creating a unique and personal experience for their audience.
  • Marketing tools: Soundwise provides marketing tools to help creators increase their audience and customer base, including email marketing, social media, and website integration tools.
  • Analytics: Soundwise provides detailed analytics on listener behavior, earnings, and performance, which allows creators to optimize their marketing and monetization strategies.
  • Mobile app: Soundwise has a user-friendly app for mobile devices that enables listeners to listen to your audiobooks on the go, bookmark content, and listen offline without needing an internet connection.
  • No exclusivity: Creators can sell their audiobooks on Soundwise, while also selling them on other platforms or their own website, offering more control and flexibility over their content.

7. Sell Audiobooks on Kobo Writing Life (KWL)

Kobo Writing Life is a self-publishing platform that enables authors to publish and distribute audiobooks through the Kobo eReading platform. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, global distribution, competitive royalties, and detailed sales analytics. With Kobo Writing Life, authors can maintain control over their content and reach a broad audience of Kobo users worldwide.

How to start selling audiobooks on Kobo Writing Life (KWL)

To sell audiobooks on Kobo Writing Life, here are the steps:

  • Create an account: The first step is to create an account on Kobo Writing Life by visiting their website and registering for a free account.
  • Upload your audiobook: Once logged in, you can upload your audiobook to the platform. Kobo Writing Life accepts .mp3 and .m4a formats, so make sure your file is in one of these formats.
  • Set the price: Next, set the price of your audiobook, including any promotions or discounts you want to offer.
  • Add metadata and cover art: You will also need to add metadata, including the audiobook’s title, author name, description, and keywords, to optimize its visibility on Kobo’s platform. Additionally, you should upload a high-quality cover image to increase the audiobook’s visual appeal.
  • Publish and promote: Once all information is added, click “Publish” to make your book live on Kobo Writing Life. Promote your audiobook through social media and other channels to increase visibility and sales.
  • Track your sales: Kobo Writing Life provides detailed sales analytics, which allow you to track your sales and revenue, optimize your promotions and marketing efforts, and ultimately make more informed decisions going forward.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Kobo Writing Life (KWL)

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Kobo Writing Life:

  • Easy to use: Kobo Writing Life offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for authors to upload, publish, and manage their audiobooks.
  • Global reach: Kobo Writing Life is a global platform, allowing authors to reach readers in multiple countries worldwide.
  • Competitive royalties: Kobo Writing Life offers competitive royalties compared to other ebook platforms, which can translate into higher earnings for authors.
  • Detailed analytics: Kobo Writing Life provides detailed sales analytics, including geographic and demographic data, allowing authors to make informed decisions about marketing and promotions.
  • Control over content: Kobo Writing Life allows authors to maintain control over their content, including pricing, cover design, and audiobook description.

8. Sell Audiobooks on Author’s Republic

Author’s Republic is an audiobook publishing and distribution service that enables authors and publishers to create and sell their audiobooks globally. The platform provides high-quality production services, customized marketing plans, and wide distribution to major audiobook retailers, including Audible, iTunes, and Google Play, among others.

How to start selling audiobooks on Author’s Republic

To start selling audiobooks on Author’s Republic, follow these steps:

  • Create an account: The first step is to register for an account on the Author’s Republic website.
  • Upload your audiobook: Once logged in, upload your audiobook content along with the cover art, description, and any promotional materials.
  • Choose marketing and distribution options: Select the marketing and distribution options that best suit your needs. Author’s Republic provides customized marketing plans, promotions, pricing, and distribution options.
  • Approve the production: If you have not already recorded your audiobook, Author’s Republic offers professional audiobook production services that cater to your requirements. Once the production is complete, approve the final version.
  • Set your price: Choose your pricing strategy based on your goals and target audience.
  • Publish and promote: Once everything is set up, you can publish and promote your audiobook using social media, email marketing, blog posts and other channels to reach and engage your audience.
  • Track your sales: Keep track of your audiobook sales using the real-time sales data offered by Author’s Republic. This information allows you to make informed decisions to optimize your marketing plan and boost your revenue potential.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Author’s Republic

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Author’s Republic:

  • High-quality production services: Author’s Republic offers professional audiobook production services, ensuring high-quality audio content that meets industry standards.
  • Wide distribution: Author’s Republic distributes audiobooks to major online retailers such as Audible, iTunes, and Google Play, among others, maximizing the audiobook’s reach to a global audience.
  • Customized marketing plans: Author’s Republic provides customized marketing plans to help you reach your target audience and increase visibility.
  • Competitive pricing: You can set your audiobook pricing strategy for maximum profitability, ensuring flexibility in pricing without being tied down by fixed rates.
  • Real-time sales reporting: The platform provides real-time sales reporting, enabling you to optimize your marketing efforts and monitor the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Account management and support: Author’s Republic provides account management and support to guide you through the audiobook publishing process and help you maximize your revenue potential.

9. Sell Audiobooks on Barnes & Noble Press (B&N)

Barnes & Noble Press is a self-publishing platform that enables authors to publish and distribute audiobooks through the Nook Audiobooks platform. The platform offers easy-to-use tools for creating and uploading audiobooks to the platform, and authors can choose to distribute their works globally or only to specific markets.

How to start selling audiobooks on Barnes & Noble Press?

While Barnes & Noble Press does not offer a direct option to upload audiobooks, authors can delegate the audio rights to third-party production companies and distribute their audiobooks through Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section.

Here are general steps to consider when selling audiobooks with Barnes & Noble:

  • Produce the audiobook: Authors first need to have an audiobook produced. This can be done by a professional narrator, DIY or by using a production company.
  • Find an audiobook distributor: Authors who want to sell their audiobook through Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section can select an audiobook distributor, such as Findaway Voices (#5 in this article), ACX (#1 in this article) or PublishDrive (#10 in this article).
  • Upload the audiobook: Once the audiobook has been produced and distributed, authors can upload the audiobook to the chosen audiobook distributor and Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section.
  • Set the price: Authors can set the price for their audiobook and may choose to adjust the price regularly to increase sales.
  • Promote the audiobook: Authors can promote their audiobook through social media and email marketing campaigns to increase its visibility on Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section.
  • Monitor sales: Barnes & Noble provides detailed information and analytics on audiobook sales through its Press platform, allowing authors to track their sales and optimize their promotional efforts.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Barnes & Noble

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks through Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section:

  • Wide customer base: Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section has a large and dedicated customer base, which can increase the visibility and sales of an author’s audiobook.
  • Professional audiobook production: Authors can work with professional audiobook production companies to ensure high-quality audio recordings that meet industry standards.
  • Detailed sales reporting: Barnes & Noble’s Press platform provides authors with detailed sales analytics, allowing them to track their sales and adjust their marketing strategies.
  • Support & services: Barnes & Noble Press offers support and services to authors who wish to self-publish and distribute their audiobooks through Barnes & Noble’s audiobook section.

10. Sell Audiobooks on PublishDrive

Publishdrive is a digital publishing platform that enables authors and publishers to sell their audiobooks globally. The platform provides features such as audiobook production, distribution to major audiobook retailers, customizable metadata, and marketing tools, among others. With Publishdrive, authors can maximize their audiobook reach, monetize their content and maintain control over their intellectual property.

How to start selling audiobooks on PublishDrive

To start selling audiobooks on PublishDrive, follow these steps below:

  • Create an account: The first step is to create a free account on PublishDrive’s website, fill in your information and validate your email.
  • Upload your audiobook: Once you’re logged in, upload your audiobook files and accompanying materials, including the cover art, book description, and any promotional materials.
  • Edit metadata: Customize the metadata, such as book title, author name, categories, keywords, and prices, to increase its searchability and visibility.
  • Choose distribution channels: Decide on the audiobook distribution channels you want to use, including online retailers such as Audible, iTunes, and Google Play, and libraries such as OverDrive.
  • Set the price: Set the price and choose how you want to be paid, whether by royalty share, fixed payment or a combination of both.
  • Publish and Promote: Once the audiobook is ready, you can publish it on the chosen audiobook retailers and platforms. Promote your audiobook through various marketing channels, including social media, email marketing campaigns and more.
  • Monitor sales: Keep track of your audiobook sales using PublishDrive’s real-time sales analytics. This information provides insights to optimize your marketing strategies.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on PublishDrive

If you’re thinking about selling audiobooks online, PublishDrive might be just the platform for you. Here are some reasons why:

  • Wide reach: With PublishDrive, you can sell your audiobook on all the major online retailers like Audible, iTunes and Google Play, so you’ll be able to reach a large audience.
  • Easy promotion: The platform offers customizable metadata, promotional materials and marketing tools, which will help you get your audiobook noticed.
  • Flexible payment: Choose how you want to be paid — you can either get a percentage of the sales or a fixed payment, whatever works best for you.
  • High-quality production: If you need help producing your audiobook, PublishDrive offers professional narration, editing and mastering to make sure you get a finished product that sounds great.
  • Real-time data: You’ll be able to see how your audiobook is performing in real-time, so you can make any necessary changes to your marketing or pricing strategies.
  • Control over your content: With PublishDrive, you get to keep all the control over your content, pricing, royalties and distribution channels.

11. Sell Audiobooks on Scribd

Scribd is a digital library and reading subscription service that offers access to ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and documents. The platform allows readers to discover and access a wide range of content on various subjects, making it a popular choice for book lovers and knowledge-seekers.

How to start selling audiobooks on Scribd

To sell audiobooks on Scribd, follow these steps:

  • Create an account: Create an account on Scribd and sign up to become part of their Premium Content Contributor Program.
  • Upload your audiobook: Upload your audiobook to Scribd’s publishing platform. Make sure the file is in the appropriate format (i.e., MP3).
  • Add metadata: Add descriptive metadata to your audiobook file, such as author’s name, book description, release date, and more. This information will help potential buyers discover your audiobook.
  • Set the price: Decide on the price for your audiobook. Scribd offers a flexible pricing structure, allowing you to set a price that works best for you.
  • Promote: Promote your audiobook by sharing it with your social media followers, email subscribers, and other relevant communities.
  • Earn royalties: Once your audiobook is available on Scribd, you can earn royalties for every listen or download.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Scribd

You may be wondering if selling audiobooks on Scribd is a smart move. Well, here are some good reasons why it might be a good fit for you:

  • Huge user base: Scribd has millions of avid readers around the world, which means your audiobook could reach an enormous audience of potential buyers.
  • Pricing flexibility: With Scribd, you get to set your own price and royalty rate for your audiobook. You’re in charge of your revenue potential!
  • Widespread distribution: Your audiobook can be accessed by Scribd subscribers across the globe, and they can listen to it online or offline. This makes getting your audiobook in front of more people much easier.
  • Global presence: Scribd operates in over 190 countries in the world, so you can sell your audiobook pretty much anywhere your potential audience is located.
  • Promotional opportunities: Scribd offers promotional opportunities for audiobooks, like being featured in a curated collection or newsletter. That can boost visibility and drive more sales.
  • Transparent reporting: You’ll get real-time reporting on how your audiobook is performing on Scribd, helping you adjust your marketing and pricing strategies as needed.

12. Sell Audiobooks on Smashwords

Smashwords is an ebook and audiobook distribution platform that allows authors and publishers to sell their content to major retailers and libraries globally. The platform offers an easy-to-use creation and publishing toolset, along with a distribution network of over 40,000 retailers and libraries, including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, among others. Smashwords also provides marketing tools and valuable resources to help authors and publishers successfully market and sell their ebooks.

How to start selling audiobooks on Smashwords

To start selling audiobooks on Smashwords, follow these steps:

  • Create an account: Create a free account on Smashwords, if you haven’t already, to become a member.
  • Prepare your audiobook: Make sure that your audiobook meets Smashwords’ guidelines for quality. You will also need to have a cover image, book description, and complete metadata.
  • Format your audiobook: Create your audiobook files in the appropriate format as required by Smashwords. MP3 and M4B audio formats are commonly used.
  • Upload your audiobook: Once you have your audiobook files, log in to your account and upload the audio files, book cover, and all the required information.
  • Set pricing and royalties: Decide on the pricing of your audiobook and how much royalties you’d like to earn. Smashwords allows you to keep up to 80% of the net revenue from your audiobook sales.
  • Publish: Once you have completed all the required information, you can publish your audiobook on Smashwords.
  • Distribution: Smashwords distributes audiobooks to some of the biggest audiobook retailers and libraries, so your audiobook will be available on sites such as Apple Books, Audible, and Kobo, among others.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Smashwords

Here are some benefits of selling audiobooks on Smashwords:

  • Reliable and fast distribution to help reach a wider audience: Smashwords distributes audiobooks to major retailers such as Apple Books, Audible, and Kobo, among others, allowing authors to reach a global audience.
  • Easy-to-use platform: The Smashwords platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for authors to upload and publish their audiobooks.
  • Competitive royalty rates: Smashwords offers competitive royalty rates up to 80% of the net revenue for audiobook sales, which is attractive to authors who want to maximize their revenue potential.
  • Comprehensive marketing tools: Smashwords provides authors with extensive marketing tools including customizable metadata, supports pre-order campaigns, coupons, and giveaways.
  • Partnership with libraries globally: Smashwords is trusted by library systems worldwide, making it an excellent platform for authors who want to reach out to the library market.
  • Control over pricing: Smashwords allows authors to retain control over the pricing of their audiobook. Authors can adjust the pricing based on audience demand.

13. Sell Audiobooks on Storytel

Storytel is a leading audiobook and ebook subscription service based in Sweden. It has a library of over 500,000 audiobooks and e-books in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. The service allows users to access these titles through a monthly subscription with several plans that can cater to different types of audiences. The service is available in over 20 countries globally, including India, Spain, Russia, and Brazil. Storytel also features original content, editor’s picks, and personalized recommendations for its users.

How to start selling audiobooks on Storytel

As an audiobook publishing service, Storytel partners with publishers and independent authors to bring their titles to its platform. To start selling audiobooks on Storytel, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Storytel website: Create an account on the Storytel website and navigate to the “Publishers & Authors” section.
  • Submit title: Submit the title you would like to publish on Storytel along with other necessary details like author name, book cover, and synopsis.
  • Wait for approval: Wait for Storytel’s approval, which may take a few weeks.
  • Sign the contract: Once Storytel approves your audiobook, sign the distribution agreement to allow your book to be available for streaming or download on the platform.
  • Submit audiobook files: After the contract is signed, upload your audiobook in the required format.
  • Set pricing: Set pricing for your audiobook, keeping in mind that Storytel is a subscription service, and your earnings will be based on the number of listens your audiobook generates.
  • Promotion: Promote your audiobook to increase listening on the Storytel platform.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Storytel

Selling audiobooks on Storytel has several benefits for publishers and authors, including:

  • Wider reach: With a presence in over 20 countries, Storytel helps audiobooks reach a large audience.
  • Subscription service: Storytel’s subscription model is designed to attract and retain a wider customer base, including avid readers and audiobook enthusiasts.
  • Competitive royalties: Storytel provides publishers and authors with competitive royalties based on the number of listens their audiobooks generate.
  • Personalized recommendations: Storytel’s algorithmic recommendations engine provides personalized book suggestions to users based on their preferences, increasing the chance of audiobook discovery and listening.
  • Marketing support: Storytel offers marketing support to its partners, including social media campaigns, promotions, and other activities to increase their audiobooks’ visibility.
  • Easy distribution: Storytel’s platform is user-friendly, making it easy for partners to upload and distribute their audiobooks.

14. Sell Audiobooks with Spoken Realms

Spoken Realms is a premium audiobook production and publishing service, specialized in producing quality audiobook recordings. The service offers authors and publishers the opportunity to create professionally narrated and edited audiobooks with flexible and affordable publishing options, including distribution to major audiobook retailers such as Audible, Apple Books, and Google Play, among others.

Spoken Realms offers a comprehensive suite of services, including audiobook production, editing, mastering, and royalty payments, to help authors produce and monetize their audiobooks.

How to start selling audiobooks on Spoken Realms

To start selling audiobooks on Spoken Realms, follow these steps:

  • Submit your book: Authors and publishers can submit their book for consideration either via email or on their website.
  • Get a quote: Once Spoken Realms accepts your book, they’ll provide you with a quote based on your project’s needs.
  • Audiobook production: If the quote is approved, Spoken Realms will begin audiobook production, which includes professionally recording, editing, and mastering your audiobook.
  • Approval and distribution: After your audiobook production is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the final product. Once approved, Spoken Realms will distribute your audiobook to major audiobook retailers like Audible, Apple Books, and Google Play, amongst others.
  • Royalties: Every quarter, Spoken Realms will pay you royalties based on the sales of your audiobook.

The benefits of selling audiobooks on Spoken Realms

Selling audiobooks on Spoken Realms provides several benefits for authors and publishers, such as:

  • Professional audiobook production: Spoken Realms specializes in producing quality audiobook recordings using state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that audiobooks sound professional and engaging.
  • Wide distribution: Spoken Realms partners with major audiobook retailers such as Audible, Apple Books, and Google Play, amongst others, making it possible for authors to reach a larger audience worldwide.
  • Affordable pricing: Spoken Realms offers affordable options for audiobook production, while maintaining high quality and professional standards.
  • Customizable services: Spoken Realms provides customizable services to cater to every author’s specific needs, making the audiobook production process smooth and efficient.
  • Royalty payments: Spoken Realms pays royalties every quarter to authors based on the sales of their audiobook.
  • Increased exposure: Producing an audiobook expands an author’s audience and can lead to increased exposure and recognition for their work.

15. Sell Audiobooks with Lantern Audio

Lantern Audio offers an end-to-end audiobook production and distribution service, providing professional recording, sound engineering, and distribution to major retailers. With competitive royalty rates, real-time sales reports, and marketing and promotional support, Lantern Audio is a one-stop platform that helps authors and publishers monetize their work globally.

How to start selling audiobooks with Lantern Audio

Selling audiobooks on Lantern Audio is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get in touch: Head to the Lantern Audio website and use the “Contact Us” form to get in touch.
  • Tell them about your book: Share the details of your book, including the genre, author, and cover.
  • Get a quote: Lantern Audio will review your submission and give you a quote to produce your audiobook.
  • Start production: If you like the quote, Lantern Audio will start recording and mastering your audiobook.
  • Approve and distribute: Once they’re done, you’ll get the chance to approve your audiobook before Lantern Audio distributes it to major retailers, like Audible and Apple Books.
  • Get paid: You’ll get competitive royalty payments and real-time sales reports.
  • Get help promoting your work: Finally, Lantern Audio provides marketing and promotional support to help you boost your sales.

The benefits of selling audiobooks with Lantern Audio

Selling audiobooks through Lantern Audio comes with its benefits:

  • Professional production: Say goodbye to shoddy recordings and editing, the experts at Lantern Audio ensure high-quality audiobook production.
  • Great distribution: Reach listeners in different parts of the world through major audiobook retailers like Apple Books and Audible.
  • Competitive royalty rates: You’ll receive great royalty fees based on your audiobook’s sales.
  • Real-time reports: Keep track of your audiobook’s success with handy real-time reports.
  • More marketing: Increase the visibility of your audiobook with the promotional and marketing support that comes with being a Lantern Audio partner.
  • One-stop-shop: Lantern Audio provides a seamless solution for all your audiobook publishing needs.

Selling audiobooks through Lantern Audio brings professionalism to production, wide distribution, real-time updates, great royalty fees, more marketing, and a one-stop-shop.

16. Sell Audiobooks on Your Own Website

Selling audiobooks on your own website can be an excellent way for authors and publishers to monetize their work and reach a broad audience.

By setting up a sales platform and hosting your audiobooks on your website, you can maintain control over your content and keep all profits from sales.

Additionally, selling audiobooks on your website allows you to engage directly with listeners and build a more significant following.

Some helpful tips for selling audiobooks on your website include creating a user-friendly interface, optimizing for mobile devices, and offering multiple payment options. With the right tools and marketing strategies, you can easily set up your website and start selling your audiobooks to a global audience.

The benefits of selling audiobooks with Ecwid

Sign up for a free Ecwid account, and create your own audiobooks store in just a few simple steps. With Ecwid, you don’t need any experience with coding or web design. Plus, our easy-to-use shipping, payment, and tax options make selling audiobooks online a piece of cake.

You don’t have to worry about choosing the best way to sell audiobooks online when you can sell them everywhere from one control panel.

With Ecwid, you can upload and host large files (up to 25 GB in size) and sell them online. Even if you have 100 of them!

Sell audiobooks globally with multi-currency support, over 100+ payment options, and in 50+ languages.

Keep all your profit for yourself! Ecwid does not charge commissions for transaction.

What are you waiting for? Give Ecwid a try!

Do you want to know more about selling books online?

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