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Posted May 27, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

Summer Makes Us So hAPPy!

Is your online store missing something you just can’t put your finger on? Well, if Ecwid doesn’t already handle it, chances are our App Market has what you need. In fact, we just surpassed 50 apps, so no matter what you should see all the fresh new tools!

If you don’t already have an Ecwid store, it’s free and easy — Sign up!

Now let’s see some of the newest additions to our own 50+ club as we spring into summertime (sorry southern hemisphere!).

Social Boost

Do people use social media? Yes, they do  a lot! Social Boost does exactly what its name says, boosts your social presence. Grow followers, run social campaigns, reward your customers.

Social Boost
Get started for free!


Staying on board the social media train, here comes OrangeTwig! This one will also help with marketing on social media. Automatically promote your store across various social media platforms and focus on growing!


Get started with a free trial.


This social train just won’t stop! Autotweet delivers an easy “set it and forget it” service to automate your Twitter posts, letting you get back to managing your store and being awesome.


And it’s only $5 a month after a free trial!


OK, the social train is gone (for now). Now, it’s time to analyze all that data you have from new sales after your social promos! Right on cue, here is MonkeyData, a beautiful analytics and reporting tool with an easy-to-use interface, mobile support, and the best price in town (free).

banner uvodni_ecwid_new.png

Free plan up to 250 orders!


What is better than shipping automation, customization, and fulfillment-ation? Well, when it comes to e-commerce, not much. ShipStation is an industry powerhouse. Use them. Get ship done.
Starts at only $9 after your free trial.

Lucky Orange

Not sure what’s with the themes today, but here’s another orange. This one, however, gives insight into some amazing things (I didn’t know technology could be this awesome): Heat maps, visitor recordings, and a full suite of conversion optimization tools all in one basket.


All those goods for only $10/month, with a free trial!


Everyone I know uses Facebook (except my grandmother, I think). Brevi is there to help make sure you are using it wisely. Smart ads will help you grow, plain and simple. Check it out!


Pay per ad, starting at only $20. Check it out!


Are you a developer with an awesome idea for an app for Ecwid’s App Market? Go check out our Developers Site to learn more and start helping over 1.5 million merchants today!

About the author
Jeff is an industry veteran and advocate of all things e-commerce. He works closely with Ecwid's partners and spends his time off frolicking in the ocean.
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