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Best new Ecwid apps December 2016
Posted Dec 22, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

Best New Apps December 2016: Product Labels, Order Desk, Sitemap Generator, And More

2017 is coming, but you can still do something productive in 2016  try the best new apps of December!
We’re ready with the list of new additions that can enhance your store’s performance, help you do quick promotions, and be satisfied with the results.

Scratch and Win!

Lotteries are a gamble, but a gamble with a considerable prize! Do you ever feel tempted to buy some lottery tickets, win a prize, and fly away? Me too!

With the Scratch and Win application, you can gift a part of that experience by adding a widget to your storefront to organize scratch and win campaigns for your customers.

Create time-limited campaigns, set prize rules, and award the winners with cool discount coupons from your store.

scratch and win

Check it out!

The app pricing depends on the number of users engaged in your campaigns. The free version is available for up to 10 users.

Product Labels

Okay, real talk now. We all like shiny and attractive things — they catch our attention and increase the chance of us spending money on them. Have you ever bought something on a super sale or because there was an awesome offer? I’ll be the first to plead guilty!

Product Labels app

The Product Labels app can help you focus your visitors’ attention on specific products with shiny, attractive labels on the catalog pages. So, if you have a lot of products and wish to highlight some of them even more, check out this app!

The Product Labels app costs $7.95 per month, and you can try it for free for a limited time.

Order Desk

Order fulfillment and processing takes a lot of time when you are just starting a new store. Especially during the holidays! But how do all those big guys do it so easily? I, for one, think that they automate the process and have some help from their fulfillment services.

Order Desk app

Order Desk is a custom order management system designed to help you resolve all your fulfillment and processing pains — it integrates with many fulfillment, shipping, CRM, and other services. With the Ecwid — Order Desk integration, your Ecwid services are sent to Order Desk, so you are free to use all the services Order Desk is integrated with.

Order Desk has free and paid plans (starting at $20 per month).

Sitemap Generator

SEO is one of the main factors to take into consideration when managing an online store. Luckily, Ecwid is compatible with the most popular search engines so that your store products are visible online for potential customers.

Sitemap Generator app

However, sometimes it takes time for Google to index your store and website pages — so what can you do to speed up this process?

Well, one of the most popular solutions is to create a sitemap for your website. The Sitemap Generator application helps you get all the product links and names into one sitemap, so you can submit it to your Google property manager.

This app is free to use, so what are you waiting for?

Buyable Links

Does your store have product bundles? Do you plan to offer special discounts if a customer adds specific products to their cart? Then Buyable Links is the app you are looking for!

With Buyable Links you can create a link to your storefront, where products will be automatically added to the customer’s cart! So when you are doing a promotion on social media or somewhere else, where specific products should be added to a cart — you can save yourself and your customers some time by providing a Buyable Link.

Buyable Links app

When a customer clicks on a link, the products will be automatically added to their cart so they can go to the checkout straight away. How cool is that?

Oh… and one more thing: this app is FREE! Boom. Mic drop.


Have you ever seen live store statistics when visiting a website? Looks pretty cool, right? It makes you feel like that store is really popular, and it can help you figure out what the most popular items are there.

The Flashy app for Ecwid allows you to show off your store’s recent orders with small popup notifications. You can decide what you wish to share about that order, how often to show the notification and many other settings.

Flashy app

The Flashy app is only $9 per month. It also has a free trial period, so you can check it out for free!


Ecwid’s e-commerce platform is a powerhouse on its own, but its extensible nature provides real value to anyone looking to sell online. This means you can add features as you see fit, get rid of things you don’t want or need, and thoroughly optimize your business operations.

It truly is the last piece of e-commerce software you’ll need, because it remains changeable and flexible thanks to the developers that continue to work on expanding its capabilities.

Happy selling! Go try out our apps!

About the author
Jeff is an industry veteran and advocate of all things e-commerce. He works closely with Ecwid's partners and spends his time off frolicking in the ocean.