Best New Apps of April 2017
Posted May 3, 2017 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

Best New Apps of April 2017: Social Proof, Better SEO, Reports, and Design

Hey everybody — here is the latest news from the Ecwid App Market!

Five new applications are already waiting for you to try them. Today’s lineup includes apps that help you to:

  • Increase trust in your store
  • Reduce your shipping costs
  • Improve the ranking of your store in the search results
  • Quickly change the design of store elements
  • Analyze the best-performing sales channels

Let’s meet them one by one.

Order Notifications as Social Proof

Social proof is the new trend among online stores: install a simple widget, and it will show a notification every time someone buys a product from the store they are in right now.

Social Proof

Apart from this basic functionality, Social Proof by Assistantly allows store owners to see performance statistics of those notifications and to customize the template.

Social Proof Analytics

The application costs $1.99 / month with a 14-day free trial period.

Automatic Refunds on Shipping Invoices

A big part of online shopping is the delivery of the ordered items — are they delivered on time? Was the packaging satisfactory?

Share a Refund helps you lower the number of cases when a delivery wasn’t the best. This is how it works: you connect your FedEx, DHL, or UPS account to Share a Refund. That allows them to track the shipment information when you ship the goods to a customer and monitor the shipping delays.

Automatic refunds on shipping invoices

If a package was not delivered on time or you ended up paying more for shipping than needed, Share a Refund will take care of that and make sure you get the compensation back to your account. They will share 50% with you, hence the name. Pretty nice, eh?

Smart SEO Recommendations for Your Products

SEO is the cornerstone of an online business’ visibility nowadays. No wonder we are seeing so many efforts and services aimed to improve the position of a website or online store in the search results.

ReloadSEO is a service aimed to help you write better SEO-driven content in your product descriptions in order to get them the best place in the search results with little effort on your part.

The application analyzes your catalog information, like product name and description, and provides advice on how to improve its SEO value for the search engines.

Smart SEO recommendations for your products

The app costs $5.95 / month.

Design Changes Made Easy

Earlier, we shared a Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Ecwid Store Design. It includes awesome tips and advice on how to change your store design for merchants of any skill level.

Store Designer

Store Designer helps you change the basics of your store parts like colors, button roundness, and more. All of this is provided inside your Ecwid Control Panel with a user-friendly interface so it’s easily accessible for you.

Store Designer costs $4.99 / month with a 7-day free trial period.

Simple and Useful Stats for Your Online Store

Keeping customers happy can be a fulfilling process on its own, but will it keep your store afloat for long? It’s important to keep your store growing and optimize your business process to be more efficient. One of the answers for this is looking and analyzing your store statistics.

Klinken stats

Kliken Stats helps you analyze where your store customers are coming from, what your top selling products, categories, and orders are, broken down by status for the requested period, and much more.

The app is totally free for you to use, so what are you waiting for? :)


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