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Best New Apps 2/18
Posted Feb 28, 2018 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

Best New Apps 2/18: Fulfillment, Social Login, Payments

In case you’ve just bumped into our hit parade, this is a monthly edition of picks from the Ecwid App Market. All of them can be installed in your Ecwid online store and even used to transform it beyond recognition.

The apps from this collection are particularly good at optimizing some of the most annoying parts of running an online business. They will save you time on endless order packaging and shipping, or simplify setting up payment options, to name but a few possibilities.

Other apps work on the customer side: they release your customers from filling out long forms or calculate how much more they have to buy to get free shipping.

Let’s introduce the apps one by one.

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Get Orders Fulfilled for You Automatically

When you have many orders to process, it can become quite time-consuming and exhausting to pack and send them to your customers.

Acutrack is a fulfillment house that has created an automated integration with your Ecwid store. Delegate and automate your shipping and fulfillment — and tackle your growth plan in the additional free time you’ll have.

Acutrack Fulfillment center

Acutrack Fulfillment center

For more details on the pricing, contact the Acutrack team.

Promote Your Free Shipping Deals

The Free Shipping Bar turns shopping into a game. The straightforward app banner will get more customers engaged in your promo. It will keep up with the customer’s order total to encourage them to spend more. Because who doesn’t love free shipping, right?

The Free Shipping Bar app in action

The Free Shipping Bar app in action

Your actions are reduced to a minimum: set up the text you want to use and the order total threshold required to get free shipping in a store.You can have some fun as well: you can play with your banner’s look and feel.

Test Free Shipping Bar in your store by starting a free trial and then use it for $2.99/month.

Speed Up the Sign-In Process

Imagine your friends keeping you at their doorstep for ages before letting you in? Your customers can feel the same if you make them fill out long forms at registration. A quick login process is a friendly and welcoming detail that can lead to a boost in user engagement and conversions. Why not add it to your Ecwid store?

With the Social Login application, your customers can log into your store using one of their social media profiles.

Social Login app in Ecwid storefront

Social Login app in Ecwid storefront

You can choose which social media possibilities you want to show and in what order.

The Social Login app costs $1.99/month and comes with a free trial.

Connect Mollie Payments

Mollie is a payment processor which seamlessly integrates your Ecwid store with many payment options at once. Mollie supports payment methods like iDeal, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, BitCoin, Bancontact, and more.

Mollie Payments payment method at checkout of an Ecwid store

Mollie Payments payment method at checkout of an Ecwid store

The Mollie app is free to use, and transaction fees may apply.

About the author
Vitaly works with 3rd party app developers to bring the best experience to Ecwid users. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube videos and long walks with his friends.