Posted Dec 27, 2017 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

Best New Apps 12/17: Sell on eBay, Upsell, Add Cookie Banner

We’ve had a super productive year here at Ecwid, and I hope you have too! Let’s check out the best new apps added to the Ecwid App Market in December and take a fresh start in the coming year.

Sell on Amazon and eBay With Trimpo

Your own online storefront can be a great start to online business. However, competing with the major outlets and services when your store has grown is quite a challenge.

Many people in the US order almost everything from Amazon. So it seems kind of crazy to not be in that marketplace now, right?

Trimpo is another service that can connect your store easily with Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces. This creates more visibility for your store presence, keeping the records in one place — your Ecwid Control Panel.

Selling the same product on eBay and Amazon with Trimpo

Selling the same product on eBay and Amazon with Trimpo

Trimpo is in a free beta phase right now and will be a paid service at a later date.

Add EU Cookie Banner to the Storefront

When an online store from European Union is saving visitors’ data, it must disclose it visually and have the user agree with the privacy policy of the website.

With the EU Cookie Banner app you can easily add the confirmation to your storefront pages and link to your store privacy pages.

Here’s how it looks in the storefront:

Cookie banner

Install the app and comply with EU laws for $1.99 / month with a free trial.

Boost Your Sales With Product Upsells

Showing relevant products can help you sell more to your customers. With Sales Booster, you can create smart upsell rules that happen on product details page, when a customer adds a product to their cart:

Upsell and Cross-sell

Setting it up is easy:

  1. Select products to trigger the offer
  2. Select products to upsell
  3. Preview and save.

Setting up an upsell offer in Sales Booster

Setting up an upsell offer in Sales Booster

Increase your sales easily with upsell promotions for $7.95 / month with a free trial.

Let Customers Print Invoices From the Storefront

Sometimes customers need to have a physical copy of an invoice for an order they made. Most of the time, store owners send it along with the delivered package. In other cases, customers would need to contact a store owner and receive it as a PDF.

The Invoice Print application introduces an easier way for customers to print the invoice at any time. They can log into a storefront, view orders, and print invoices for the orders they need.

Invoice Print adds a button to the customer area

Invoice Print adds a button to the customer area

In the customer area, users will be able to view all their orders and print the invoice for any of them. The app will check if this customer really placed the order and if all is well, it will retrieve the latest version of the invoice and show it to the customer.

If customer and order information is verified, the customer will see the invoice

If customer and order information is verified, the customer will see the invoice

Invoice Print is free for all paying Ecwid merchants.

Do you have a favorite app that appeared in our App Market this year? What apps would you like to see in the App Market in the future? I’m looking forward to your suggestions.

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