Best Ecwid E-Commerce Tutorials, Articles, and Downloadables of 2017
Posted Dec 26, 2017 by Kristen Pinkman, Ecwid Team

Best Ecwid E-Commerce Tutorials, Articles, and Downloadables of 2017

The year is coming to an end, naturally causing the urge for conclusions. Well, we’ve got a lot to look back on! By “a lot” I mean 200+ new e-commerce blog posts, a dozen ebooks, audio articles, and many little downloadables all across the blog for you to never stop learning.

Below are top articles, how-to tutorials, ebooks, and infographics of 2017 picked by you, for you.

Starting an E-Commerce Business

As our blog never stops welcoming new Ecwid merchants, this collection can’t do without articles about launching an online store.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017

1. Designing Your Free E-Commerce Website From Scratch to the First Sale

Is your only intention to open an online store? No technical knowledge, no big budgets, no sales experience — all of that can’t stop you, if you’ve got this guide. It explains how to:

  • Create a free one-page e-commerce website without coding
  • Design product pictures, write compelling business info, add a logo, and add links to your business social profiles
  • Connect your new e-commerce website to your own domain name.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017

2. Online Merchandising: How to Lay Out Your Products

The organization and layout of your products have a big impact on what (and how) customers buy from you. For those who are starting out with their online store, this post will explain how to strategically lay out products to get that first sale ASAP.

The post uncovers:

  • How assortment, product information, and store design influence the layout principles
  • Why following conventions can be better than inventing your own layout
  • Six best practices for e-commerce product layout.

Promoting Your Online Store

Everyone with an online store wants more sales, and we’ve been regularly publishing articles on promotion hacks. If you want to maximize sales in your online store, subscribe to our weekly blog newsletter that is all about making your entrepreneurship easier and more effective. And if you’ve just joined the Ecwid e-commerce squad, the following posts will catch you up.

Best Articles 2017 03

3. 10 Actionable Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Revenue

Ecwid is full of features that can help you increase your store’s revenue and save you time. Are you using them to their full potential? This article has something for you — ten step-by-step tips that unveil:

  • How to set up cross sales and offer bulk discounts
  • How to run a contest and start a YouTube channel
  • What FOMO is and how to use it to grow sales.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 04

4. How to Create Cinemagraphs for Product Pictures With Your Smartphone

Cinemagraphs (aka “live” photos, animated pictures) have been around for a while, and 2018 is especially promising for this visual content. In the coming year, cinemagraphs can even take over videos on e-commerce websites.

Be among the first ones to use this attention-grabbing format in 2018 with our step-by-step tutorial on creating cinemagraphs with nothing but your phone.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 05

5. How to Develop a Visual Theme for Your Instagram Business Profile

When someone comes across your Instagram business profile, you want them to stay and follow you. To achieve that, your overall Instagram feed should be visually consistent to generate interest. This post counts heaps of stunning feed examples and explains how to curate your own style on this social medium.

E-Commerce Tips From Fellow Ecwid Merchants

Our merchants are infinitely creative in using Ecwid to sell online. We feature their stories to share unique, practical business experiences with the whole Ecwid community. If you have a story to tell, have a look at our guidelines. The following stories are what we (and the Ecwid blog readers) consider great ones.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 06

6. How a Solo Mompreneur Doubled Her Yearly Etsy Sales With a Blog That Sells

Elvira Threeyama moved to a foreign country, affected by the cultural and language barrier. Now she is the owner of a handmade business, selling on Etsy, on her blog, and on her Facebook page with Ecwid. Her amazing multitasking skills make Elvira the right person for entrepreneurs to ask for advice. Read her story to learn how opening a standalone Ecwid online store helped her double her yearly Etsy sales in five months.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 07

7. Think Local: Corktown Soap’s Journey From the Beginning to 70+ Pop-Ups in a Year

All-natural and cruelty-free products are gradually occupying the market, and the longer we live, the more demanded they become. Laura and Gram are riding this wave: they launched their cosmetics store last year and have participated in dozens of art shows, fairs, and markets, selling at up to five events per week. Read their story to see how to distribute your products all across your local area.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 08

8. Why Being Strange Is Good for Sales: Lessons From a Bikini Brand

Ali Conway is an outstanding combination of optimism and hard work. That cocktail underlies “Strange Bikinis”, her fashion brand. Her story is all about the right ways of branding and marketing your products. It will be especially useful for all of you who want to launch a clothing line from scratch.

Top Ecwid Releases

One goal of our blog is to communicate the latest Ecwid features and updates, whether it’s feature announcements, our monthly “Best New Apps” collection, or quarterly feature digests. It’s been a fruitful year, and here are its rockstar highlights.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 10

9. Order Pickup for Every Ecwid Store

Almost 60% of shoppers ordered online and picked up in the store last year. Their #1 reason was saving on shipping costs, then a convenient store location, and, finally, in-store pickup allowing them to get the item the same day.

Ecwid store owners got the opportunity to offer in-store pickup at the checkout. We hope you’re using it in full swing (with the date and time picker enhancement, of course), and if you’ve just joined the forces, this post will give you a tour around in-store pickup in Ecwid.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 11

10. Abandoned Cart Recovery for Ecwid Stores: Bring Customers Back With Automated Emails

It has been possible to reach your abandoned customers with a follow-up email (manual or automated) since late summer, and this feature has helped to recover 12% of abandoned orders, multiplying the profits for many Ecwid merchants.

The post explains the meaning of abandoned carts for your business and how to set up abandoned cart recovery to use the potential of your not-so-sure customers.

Best Ecommerce Articles 2017 12

11. Introducing the Facebook Pixel for Ecwid Stores: How to Run More Effective Facebook Ads Easily

Facebook advertising might be scary with all its long chains of settings, options, and ongoing updates. We integrated Ecwid with the Facebook pixel so that you don’t have to fish for your potential customers in Facebook ad targeting settings but can market to your website visitors who are already interested in your brand. Add access to ad insights to measure the results in revenue — and here you go, Facebook ads are suddenly much less intimidating and more effective.

Read the post to:

  • Understand what the Facebook pixel is and how you can use it for your business
  • Learn how to add the pixel to your Ecwid store without any coding
  • Find out how to use the pixel for your ad campaigns.

Best Ecommerce Infographic 2017

Top Infographic: Global Omnichannel Trends for SMBs

Think about something you’ve bought recently. Maybe you were inspired by an Instagram post or found a product on Pinterest and followed the link to the website. Later in the day, you might have stopped by the store after work or searched for the product on eBay to compare prices.

Those are the signs of the e-commerce world turning omnichannel, and if you want to understand what it means for you as a merchant, check out this infographic.

See it → 

Top Ebook: The Beginner’s Guide to 360º Product Photography

The fact that this ebook has become the most frequently downloaded piece on our blog this year confirms that 360-degree photography will blow up in 2018. Don’t spin your customers round with small, blurry product pictures. Let them virtually spin your products instead!

The Beginner's Guide to 360º Product Photography

Learn to make awesome 360º view for your products

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That’s it for 2017. We hope you like the overview as much as we do. Have we missed your favorite blog post, ebook, or tutorial? Or is there something else you’d like to learn? Let us know in the comments, we are listening (and making notes for future publications)!

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