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Infographic: Back to School 2016 Sales and Marketing Guide

Have you started your back-to-school marketing? Do you have plans in place to get above the noise being made by all of the mega-brands out there? If not, there’s still time left. Back-to-school season is something that all brands, especially SMBs should pay attention to because for brands that tap into the B2S rush, it accounts for an average of 68% of their Q3 sales (and 17.2% of their year long sales).

So even if you have limited budget to work with, you can still make a huge dent, you just need to be a little more creative with your strategies. For example, you can target dads and kids. Most brands go strictly after moms, however, 59% percent of moms say that their purchase decisions are influenced by what their kids are pesting them for (aka. Pester Power). And dads spend an average of 37% more than their female counterparts when they are the ones in charge of school shopping… making them a great target to go after.

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Here are a few more marketing ideas to rock your back-to-school sales.

Sell items as a bundle

One of the most reliable ways to increase your average order value is to bundle items together and sell them all at once. Parents generally want to save time by buying everything in one place, and if they only need to add one “item” to their shopping cart in order to receive everything they need, they’re going to do so. Make it easy for them!

Conquer YouTube and other streaming sites

Streaming video transcends age gaps. Not only will you reach the kids and teenagers going back to school, but you’ll also reach their parents, who are most likely to be making the spending decisions.

Give parents the opportunity to show off their kids

Come up with a contest that moves parents to share something unique about their children. Best back to school outfit? Best hidden talent? Perhaps the winner receives coupons or free items — use your imagination.

Promote your items visually

Instagram and Facebook are the de facto places we share the images that matter to us. If these images are of eye-catching inventory while also including a call to action — “Check out our back-to-school sale!” — then you stand to drum up the right kind of attention for your shop.

Tell stories with your products

If a certain item in your inventory is going to be perfect for the back-to-school season, write a thoughtful description about why it’s essential for the shopper. Are your notebooks more durable than any other? Do you sell backpacks that can hold textbooks with ease? Emphasize the best aspects of your products with real-life stories about why they’re great.

Read on for more info, trivia, and B2S tips from our friends over at The Shelf.

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