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What Art Is in Demand? Selling Art Online

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If you’re passionate about art and want to make a living from it, one of the best ways is to sell your artwork online. With an online gallery, people can buy your art without ever having to leave their homes.

They can also order prints on-demand or limited edition prints for themselves or as gifts. This article will talk about what type of art is in demand right now and how you can sell more if you take advantage of these opportunities!

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What Are People Buying?

There are many different types of art, and people buy a lot more than you might think. In fact, the average person spends over $400 per year on home decor items alone! Some popular prints include landscape paintings that can be serene or vibrant depending upon your preference and abstract landscapes that really showcase how much color there is in the world.

People who buy prints often like to share their artwork on social media because it is a personal way of decorating and sharing your own style with others. However, not everyone wants to have framed art in every room, which means there’s also a demand for paintings! Some people prefer buying original pieces from up-and-coming artists who are hitting their stride in the art world.

To sell more of your work, you have to know what type of demand there is for it!

What Type Of Art Is In Demand?

There are many different types that people buy right now — both originals and prints.

However, the most popular types currently include:

  • Watercolor paintings
  • Landscape prints
  • Abstract landscapes
  • Contemporary paintings
  • Wildlife and Animals
  • Figure Paintings
  • Offset-litho prints

Watercolor paintings are trendy right now because they focus on the beauty of nature and capture light in a way that makes your living space feel calm.

On the other hand, landscape prints can be more vibrant and make a statement in your home. These often include mountains, rivers, and forests which can inspire people to get outside!

Abstract landscapes provide even more inspiration because they really open the door of creativity for you. You don’t need to be an expert with paints or watercolors to create something unique that inspires others when you look at something abstractly!

Contemporary paintings are also trendy because they allow artists to explore their style and discover what inspires them. There’s no right or wrong way of doing this, so you’ll find your passion for art like never before if you give it a try! The demand is exceptionally high for up-and-coming artists who might not have had a chance to create their own work before.

Wildlife and animal paintings provide even more inspiration because they don’t just capture nature — they capture the beauty of animals as well! Figure paintings are also trendy and focus on artistically capturing human beings rather than simply portraying them as you would see in a photograph.

Offset-litho prints are also popular because they use offset printing technology to create the best quality that you can find on the market today. This is especially important for artists who want their work showcased in a gallery or framed at home! In addition, using this type of print provides an updated look instead of digital products that don’t have the same quality.

Selling Art On the Web

If you’re looking to sell art online, then your next step is opening an online gallery!

There are a lot of popular platforms, including Saatchi Art, Society Six, and DeviantArt. These websites allow you to sell your work online easily that doesn’t require any additional skills or software!

In fact, there’s no need for much photography experience because many artists will simply photograph their own artwork when they upload it to the website. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on creating more work!

Most online galleries will accept original pieces and prints, which means that it’s effortless to showcase your talent in various ways depending upon what type of art people are looking for at the moment.

What can you do to sell more art?

Now that you know what type of art is in demand, it’s time to think about how you can sell more!

There are a few things that every artist should consider before they open their online gallery:

  • Choose prints or originals — do not offer both unless you’re well-known because you don’t want to overwhelm your buyers
  • Make sure that the images are high quality — using offset litho printing is best for this
  • Use social media and email newsletters to promote your work directly

There are many different ways to sell more art online, so make sure you take advantage of all of them!

Selling art on social media

For example, you can use social media to connect with your current fans and potential buyers. This is the best way to sell art online because it allows for direct contact between everyone involved, making transactions faster and easier. You could even set up a pre-sale where you offer products at discounted prices on specific days so people can save money and you get more buyers!


Another option is setting up an email newsletter that everyone can join for updates on new products and discounts. This will keep your fans engaged with your work even when you’re not online, so they’ll be sure to check out what’s new whenever they have a chance — especially if you offer discounts!

Art fairs and events

Don’t forget about the power of art fairs and other local events. You can also try selling prints or originals at gallery shows, so you get even more exposure to people looking for art in your area. This is a great way to meet new fans face-to-face and discover what they’re interested in.

Of course, you can also host your own gallery show to bring people together and promote yourself as an artist! This is the most popular option for artists who want to make a significant impact right away with their work which will be perfect if you’re trying to sell more art online. A good way of doing this is by hosting pop-up shows in popular areas like cafes, malls, and more.

What’s Best For Your Business?

When selling art online, you need to ensure that what you’re doing is right for your business. For example, if you don’t have a lot of money, Saatchi Art might be the best option since they offer free accounts! However, this platform isn’t as popular with buyers or sellers, so if you’re just getting started, then it might be a better idea to open your own online gallery.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of money and want to become famous quickly, then Gallerist is perfect because they have unique features that allow for more exposure — but this will also cost quite a bit of money and how many artists have money?

If you’re still unconvinced, a tool like Ecwid might be more your speed: we integrate several different eCommerce solutions into ours, allowing you to access platforms like Facebook and eBay from your Ecwid control panel. You may start selling on a personal website or even on social media. Ecwid is also free to use, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

The artworld is constantly changing and evolving with the times! Nowadays, online platforms are more popular than ever before, which means that there are all kinds of opportunities to sell more art online — if you know how to take advantage of them.

Do you want to learn more about selling art online?

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