App of the Month: TaxJar Reports
Posted Jul 25, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

Take the Headaches Out of Sales Tax With App of the Month: TaxJar Reports

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Two months we announced that we were making sales tax calculations for Ecwid users simpler by introducing automated sales tax calculations with TaxJar SmartCalcs.

We also promised to take sales tax simplification even farther. And that day has arrived! We’re happy to announce that TaxJar does more than just sales tax calculation. In fact, it’s now an app in the Ecwid App Market and our newest App of the Month.

And just in time, too, because July is what is known as a “sales tax perfect storm.” Nearly every online seller will have a sales tax deadline this month. You already knew that TaxJar SmartCalcs helped you collect the right amount of sales tax, but we’re happy to say that TaxJar also helps you finish the job by reporting how much sales tax you’ve collected and even AutoFiling your sales tax for you with their TaxJar Reports feature.

Collecting the right amount of sales tax can be tricky, but handling sales tax after you’ve collected it is one of the most complicated administrative tasks every online seller faces. Between figuring out how much sales tax you collected in each state and local jurisdiction, keeping up with every state’s rules and due dates, and finding time to file, sales tax is a time-consuming hassle. And it isn’t even profitable!

TaxJar Reports allows you to replace the time you once spent reporting and filing sales tax with activities that will actually boost your bottom line.

The TaxJar Reports dashboard

The TaxJar Reports dashboard

Why should I use this?

TaxJar Reports easily and instantly integrates with all the carts and marketplaces you sell on  including Ecwid. From there, it pulls in all of your sales tax collected and turns it into filing-ready reports for every U.S. state. No more poring over tax tables or looking up zip codes!

TaxJar Reports is especially useful for online sellers who collect sales tax in multiple states or sell on multiple channels. The average multi-channel TaxJar user saves 5 hours per filing period on sales tax filings.

To save you even more time, TaxJar will even AutoFile your sales tax returns for you. Just enter your information once, and you never have to worry about a missed due date (and penalty from the state) ever again!

TaxJar also teaches you all about sales tax with free state-specific sales tax guides, channel-specific sales tax guides, and hundreds of blog posts and videos.

If sales tax is taking up too much of your time (and causing you too many migraines), let TaxJar Reports take sales tax reporting and filing off your plate.

Combine TaxJar SmartCalcs automatic sales tax calculations for Ecwid with TaxJar Reports for end-to-end sales tax compliance. You’ll never have to worry that you’re collecting the wrong amount of sales tax or making a filing mistake.

Find out what some of their 5,000 customers are saying about TaxJar!

How do I install the TaxJar app?

Simply go to TaxJar in the Ecwid App Market and get started today!

What is the price?

TaxJar Reports’ pricing is based on number of transactions and starts at just $19/month. There are no setup fees, no hidden charges and no contracts. All users are invited to try out a 30-day free TaxJar trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed?

You will be billed by TaxJar.

Is this U.S. only?

TaxJar Reports is U.S. only. TaxJar Reports will provide sales filing-ready sales tax reports all U.S. states with a sales tax. (This is different from TaxJar SmartCalcs sales calculations, which work in the U.S., EU, Canada and Australia.)

Does TaxJar Reports connect with my other sales channels?

TaxJar Reports makes sales tax simple by connecting with all the platforms you sell on and combining all of the sale tax you collected from all of your shopping carts and marketplaces into one filing-ready report. You can see all of the channels TaxJar Reports connects with here.

Will TaxJar Reports file my sales tax returns?

TaxJar Reports users can also have TaxJar AutoFile your sales tax returns in most U.S. states. AutoFile costs just $19.95 per state per filing and takes the burden of sales tax compliance completely off your plate.

What if I collected the wrong amount of sales tax?

First of all, use TaxJar SmartCalcs automated sales tax calculations with Ecwid and you won’t have to worry about collecting the wrong amount of sales tax.But if you do find a mistake, TaxJar Reports’ “Actual vs. Estimated Sales Tax Collected” report will help ensure you pay the state the right amount of sales tax. (And avoid fines and penalties!)


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