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Posted Nov 24, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

App of The Month: Outfy

It’s the time of the month when we want to discuss one of our favorite and most interesting apps from the Ecwid App Market, and help you make your online store more successful.

November is a very busy month for a store owner: tons of advertisements and discounts are running in your store, there is a big increase in the number of orders that need to be processed and shipped, you have to take care of family preparations for Thanksgiving, and much more. So much happening, and so little time in hand to manage all!

The key here to handling all simultaneously is to work smart. During these busy times, we can all use some help from automation tools, can’t we? One of the apps from the Ecwid App Market helps us plan and schedule our social outreach to potential customers — Outfy Social Media Marketing.


Why should I use this?

Outfy is a one-stop productivity tool that shares and promotes your products to most popular social networks, like Wanelo, Polyvore,Fancy, We Heart It, Pinterest, Keep, The Hunt, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in the easiest and quickest way possible, thus saving you a lot of time. It pulls products directly from Ecwid store, and you can post on as many as 10 social media networks, all with just a click!

You can schedule the promotions days, weeks and even months in advance. You can even create your sale announcements by customizing preset templates and schedule them for posting at your chosen time.

In a nutshell, carry out all your marketing activities much faster, from a single account — in a fraction of the time you have been doing till now.


How does it work?

The overall process is simple:

  1. Pick products you’d like to share on your social media accounts.
  2. Write the text you’d like to use for your message.
  3. Select social media accounts you wish to share this message on.
  4. Schedule the message to be sent on a specific date, or share it now.

Easy to set, fast to execute and reach is tremendous!

Outfy will also track how your audience receives your shared messages and assign ratings to the products, so you know which ones are most popular and work best.


How does Outfy stand apart from the crowd?

With Outfy, you can get access to a large list of networks, all at the press of just 1 button: connect to 10+ social networks under one single Outfy login.

There’s no monthly commitment, no recurring payments at all — you can increase or decrease your spends as per your choice. Deduction of money credits happens as per your actual utilization — that means no fixed ceiling charge.

You can refill the package as and when you wish, the “credits” come without any kind of expiry date.

Try the unique Autopilot feature: Outfy tool auto-selects and promotes your products on your chosen social media, at your chosen time intervals. Even repetitions can be “planned”, for the day, weeks and months.

Analytics is also here — get to know your product’s Popularity Score and plan the future promotions or product supplies accordingly.

Last but not least, take advantage of 24 x 7 customer support through chat or email. Paid customers get access to our “customer connect” program — aptly called the “red carpet”.

How do I install the Outfy app?

Simply go to the app details page and get started today!

How much does it cost?

Outfy tool has the unique pay-per-use concept. Just choose a plan as per your business requirement and marketing budget, and you can get each share for as low as USD 2 cents.

The credits come with unlimited validity, so just fill your accounts once and stop worrying about your social media marketing. Let Outfy work for you, as your social media marketing manager!

Absolutely free to try and NO Credit card required.


All Ecwid apps are created by talented developers who leverage the Ecwid API to extend, customize, and build amazing e-commerce apps on the Ecwid platform. Are you a developer? Build something with our API today!

About the author
Jeff is an industry veteran and advocate of all things e-commerce. He works closely with Ecwid's partners and spends his time off frolicking in the ocean.