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Posted Jun 8, 2016 by Jeff Brandimarte, Ecwid Team

App of the Month: Monkey See, MonkeyData!

We regularly feature handy, interesting apps from the Ecwid App Market on our blog to help you find something to complement or supplement Ecwid’s e-commerce features.

Sometimes analytics get a bad rap and, admittedly, staring at data, graphs and numbers can be a little tedious. Thankfully, monkeys make everything more fun! That brings us to MonkeyData, and the (r)evolutionary opportunity this analytics app presents for Ecwid merchants. You get complete control over your business with valuable and actionable data.

One example saw a MonkeyData user increased monthly revenue by 18% simply by pinpointing their most loyal customers and turning them into brand advocates. The merchant, Metalshop, was quickly able to cater to these customers by delivering special offers and building a loyalty program based on their buying habits.

The interface of MonkeyData

So, why should I use MonkeyData?

You are going to be able to see exactly where sales come from, which lets you focus on doing more of the things that work, and improving (or stopping) the things that don’t. Here’s a quick list of a few of the great features you’ll get this MonkeyData:

  • Mobile support
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Easy setup
  • E-commerce focus
  • Automated marketing reports and sharing
  • Data from all important marketing sources, 24/7

Check out a quick demo!

MonkeyData seamlessly integrates all your data: social networks, email marketing, PPC, Google Analytics, and much more. All your data will be right in one place, making it easy for you to take action, make educated decisions, and grow your business with confidence.

e-shop - objednavky.png

You will have these important questions answered:

  • What is the structure of my customers?
  • How long does average order processing time take?
  • Why do customers cancel their orders?
  • What is the most frequent combination of shipping and payment?

To better understand MonkeyData’s ability to answer these questions and boost your business, you can get started for free. Check out this real example of how they helped Metalshop streamline marketing, increase revenues and save time to focus on growing their business. Here is a brief tutorial to get started!

How do I install the MonkeyData app?

Simply go get the app in the App Market and get started for free!

What is the price?

MonkeyData has a completely FREE plan! Get started climbing the revenue tree with MonkeyData analytics today and let’s grow together.


All Ecwid apps are created by talented developers who use the Ecwid API, which allows them to extend, customize, and build on the Ecwid platform to make amazing e-commerce apps. Are you a developer? Build something with our API today!

About the author
Jeff is an industry veteran and advocate of all things e-commerce. He works closely with Ecwid's partners and spends his time off frolicking in the ocean.