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App of the Month: McAfee SECURE Certification

We regularly feature handy, interesting apps from the Ecwid App Market on our blog to help you find something to complement or supplement Ecwid’s e-commerce features.

This month we’re going to be talking about the McAfee SECURE app, which helps e-commerce sites sell more by making their visitors feel safe. The service allows online merchants to display a trustmark that tells visitors the site they’re on has passed a rigorous security test, and that any financial and personal information they enter will be in good hands.

Get your site scanned for malware, viruses, and other malicious activities

Get your site scanned for malware, viruses, and other malicious activities

Why should I use this?

With 94% of internet users saying they worry about online security, it can tough to convince people that your site is safe to shop from. The McAfee SECURE service works because it targets those concerns, making visitors feel more comfortable handing you their credit information.

Because the McAfee name is so strongly associated with security, displaying the trustmark is just like getting a referral from a respected, trusted advisor. And that kind of recommendation can have a powerful impact on your business: many McAfee SECURE sites see 10% more sales when they add the service and show the trustmark.

Though well known brands benefit from the service (like Jelly Belly, who saw 6% more sales after displaying the trustmark), security certification really delivers for sites that people might not be familiar with, and therefore may have more concerns about purchasing.

And if you upgrade from the free version to the Pro plan, you get even more features that help boost sales:

  • Search Highlighting: the trustmark will be displayed next to your site in the search results of more than 50 million McAfee® SiteAdvisor software users.
  • Engagement trustmark: you’ll be able to display a smaller, sleeker version of the trustmark, specifically designed to be placed near and certify the activities that people have the most concerns about—like entering their credit card information.
  • Search engine submission: a sitemap is automatically created and submitted to all the major search engines, helping more your content become searchable, faster.

What is the price?

The basic version of the McAfee SECURE service is free, and it will stay that way forever. Free users get their site’s security scanned, and display the trustmark to up to 500 visitors per month.

The Pro service, which includes the above features and more, depends on the popularity of your site (based on Alexa rank). The most common price for Pro sites is $19 a month.
When you upgrade, the Engagement Trustmark will automatically appear next to the “Buy Now” buttons on your product pages AND near credit card forms on your shopping cart and checkout pages—making visitors even more likely to convert!

Here’s the breakdown of what you get with the Free vs. Pro plans:

How do I install the McAfee SECURE app?

Simply go to the McAfee SECURE page in the Ecwid App Market and get started today!


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