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Advertising Smart on Facebook and Google with Kliken

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In this episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show, we talk to Ricardo Lasa, the CEO of Kliken. Kilken is an automated Google Shopping and Facebook Ads technology that takes marketing to the next level.

When linked with Ecwid by Lightspeed, Kliken provides automated Facebook Ads and Google Shopping right from the admin panel.

Ricardo shares the latest Kliken updates for Facebook Ads and Google Shopping, plus how they benefit online sellers. If you’ve hesitated to advertise online, don’t know how, or haven’t had much success so far, this episode is for you.

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Retargeting vs. Prospecting

Ricardo explains that there are two vital types of advertising: retargeting and prospecting. Retargeting is when you advertise to previous store visitors who added products to their carts but didn’t purchase them. With retargeting, you show ads featuring the same products to those visitors so they are reminded to finish their purchase.

However, when you just get started with online selling, you might not have an audience for retargeting. Kliken offers a different approach to new online sellers called prospecting.

Prospecting allows you to attract some customers who haven’t visited your store but might be interested in your products. Kliken built an integration for Facebook ads that allows you to find prospecting audiences for your products and target them with your ads. Using loads of data, Kliken finds customers for you.

Getting Started with Advertising Effortlessly

Advertising platforms, including those run by Facebook and Google, have many requirements for online sellers. Ricardo finds that many business owners find advertising daunting because they need to be approved—for both the quality of the ad campaigns and products.

Plus, you have to ensure you have the right documentation in your store, like refund policies. Luckily for online sellers, Kliken helps with all that.

Kliken built comprehensive quality assurance metrics to ensure the correct ad campaign setup. They help business owners through the process of improving their store so that they can launch ad campaigns on Facebook and Google.

As for the ad campaign setup process, it usually comprises no more than four or five steps. On average, a business owner can get it done in less than 10 minutes.

More Benefits of Kliken

In addition to the powerful combination of prospecting, retargeting, and simplified ad setup, Kliken also offers ad management.

Management includes ad surveying, ad formatting, and using AI to decide what ads to show the most. Ricardo guarantees you will see your click-through rates on the ads and the performance of the ads improve, just like that!

Kliken offers a much faster way to start driving traffic to your online store. Using one platform, you can run Kliken ads on Google Shopping, Facebook, and your website.

Advice for Beginners in Advertising

Sometimes brand new stores aren’t immediately set up correctly. The store might not show the proper pricing, detailed product descriptions, return policies, shipping policies, and other pieces that make a big difference. That’s why Ricardo recommends starting with Google product listings because there are no ads associated with that. With Kliken, you can get that up and running for just $10.

Once your store is properly set up and products on Google Shopping, your store will see an increase in traffic. At that point, you can start using Kliken to seamlessly distribute Google and Facebook ads.

The topics above are just a piece of what we’ve discussed on the podcast. Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to optimize your ads and manage your advertising budget more efficiently.

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