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9 Ecwid Updates That Make Running an Online Store a Breeze

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The sky’s the limit with your Ecwid store! That’s why we’re always adding new tools and settings. To keep you in the loop, here’s a fresh roundup of the most recent Ecwid updates.

Check out the latest tools that simplify running your store. These updates will make it more convenient to manage your products, orders, subscriptions, tax invoices, and more. Take new settings for a spin and don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments.

Set Up Subscriptions on the Mobile App

With a subscription-based model, a company provides products or services on a regular basis in exchange for consistent payment, often at a discounted price.

The recurring subscription tool is already available for Ecwid merchants on the desktop app, but now you can set up subscription products on the go! All you need is the Ecwid mobile app, which works for Android and iOS.

Just open the app and you’ll be able to:

  • Add products with subscription pricing;
  • Update subscription prices for existing products;
  • Set up billing periods.

Subscription products and orders are easy to find on the mobile app because they are highlighted on the Products and Orders pages:

Also, you won’t miss a new subscription order thanks to the push notifications in your app:

To use the recurring subscriptions tool, you need to be on the Business or Unlimited plans and set up Stripe as a payment method in your store.

Check out how to set up subscription products on mobile or learn more about the Ecwid Mobile App for iOS and Android. ​​The mobile app is available on all paid Ecwid plans (on the Free plan, you can test drive the mobile app for 28 days.)

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Update Prices of Dozens of Products in an Instant

Now you can update product prices in the blink of an eye! No matter if you have 5 or 50 products, it takes a few clicks to update prices on the Products page. Just select products and click “Mass Update → Change prices.” You can choose a fixed value or a percentage to change prices.

Learn more about mass updating prices in the Help Center.

Add Products to the Store Home Page in Bulk

You might have already used Bulk Product Editor to quickly edit product details–name, SKU, images, price, stock, shipping settings, etc.–in a convenient spreadsheet. Now that tool has even more settings to make editing products as fast and convenient as possible.

You can use Bulk Product Editor to feature several products on the store home page at once. Just go to the Products page, select the products that you want to highlight on the store home page, open them in the Bulk Product Editor tool, and mark the products as Featured.

The selected products are immediately displayed on your store’s home page. You don’t have to edit products one-by-one, or update the catalog via exporting and importing a CSV file!

Use this setting if you have a large catalog and want to display a new set of products on the front page of your online store.

Learn more about using Bulk Product Editor in the Help Center.

Manage Scheduled for Pickup Orders on Mobile

If you offer a pickup option, you don’t want to miss this update! Especially if you’re using our mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your store.

To make managing pickup orders more convenient, we’ve added a new “Scheduled for Pickup” section in our mobile apps. To find the new section, go to the Orders page in the mobile app and choose “Scheduled for Pickup”:

The “Scheduled for Pickup” section shows pickup orders sorted by date and time. You can see what orders should be fulfilled first, so it’s easier for you to prepare orders.

A couple of handy tips for managing your pickup orders in the app:

  • Swipe the order to mark it as picked up.
  • Quickly find the orders that haven’t been picked up in a separate list.

Learn more about the Ecwid Mobile App for iOS and Android. ​​The mobile app is available on all paid Ecwid plans (on the Free plan, you can test drive the mobile app for 28 days.)

Highlight the Rules for Return of E-Goods on Checkout

German online merchants, we made the following changes mostly for you. In Germany, customers have a right to return purchases within 14 days for a full refund unless they have started downloading or streaming digital goods. A seller can cancel the customer’s request to return digital goods, but only after receiving explicit consent from the customers.

Previously, the notice for the limited right to return digital products was in the Terms & Conditions checkbox during checkout. To make that notice more obvious, we have added a separate checkbox for return conditions of digital goods on the checkout screen:

The checkbox is mandatory if enabled: customers won’t be able to proceed to the next checkout steps without checking it. By the way, the checkbox is available for all EU-based stores!

You can enable the checkbox on the Legal page in your Control Panel–here’s the instruction.

Learn more about setting up your store to comply with German laws in the Help Center.

Display the Orders as You Like

Depending on your preferable workflow, you can expand or shrink your order list in your Control Panel. The new Compact view displays the main information about orders and shows more orders on the page–helpful if you have lots of orders and don’t want to scroll.

You can still use the Expanded view if you want, which shows detailed information about orders. It is convenient for processing orders without going to the order details page; it can also be helpful if you’re just starting out and don’t have too many orders.

To switch between the order views, go to the Orders page and click the Expanded View link on the top right and then select Compact View. Or vice versa—manage your orders in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Update Order Statuses via New Action Buttons

Order statuses (such as Paid, Shipped, etc.) help you decide what actions need to be taken to process each order.

Changing statuses helps you track your fulfillment process and keeps your customers informed. For example, when you change the order status to “Shipped”, your customer will automatically receive an email notification.

Now you have three new action buttons on the order details page to help you process your orders quickly:

  • “Mark as Paid”: if an order has “Awaiting Payment” status
  • “Mark as Ready For Pickup”: if pickup is selected as a delivery method
  • “Mark as Out For Delivery”: if local delivery is selected as a delivery method.

When you open the order details page, you immediately see if you need to take any action with that order:

You can also update the order statuses by choosing one of the statuses from familiar dropdown lists on order details pages and on the orders list.

Learn more about managing orders in the Help Center.

See Changes Made in the Tax Invoice Editor

Tax invoices are crucial for online selling; you can use these financial documents in your internal accounting, present them to the local tax office, or send them to your customers.

Sometimes you need to customize your tax invoices, like changing business details or swapping an old logo for a new one. To make the process more streamlined, we improved the tax invoice editor.

Now the changes you make are highlighted in yellow. This way, you can see where exactly the change happens in the template preview. After you save changes, they are applied to new tax invoices.

Customizing the contents of tax invoices is available on all plans. Learn more about it in the Help Center.

If you’re an advanced user and prefer to edit tax invoices via the HTML editor, you can do this on Business and Unlimited plans.

Use a Preferable Separator for Price and Weight

Look at the weights below. Do you know which format is used in the USA and which one in Europe?

27.00 / 27,00

The thing is that different countries use different separators in prices and weights. Europe typically uses a comma, and the USA a dot.

Previously, Ecwid stores used a dot as a separator in all price and weight inputs. Now, you can use a dot and a comma wherever you need: product page, shipping settings, handling fee, tips, or discounts. Your online store will convert the display of the entered separator to the one that is configured in the store settings. You can choose the default display format when you set the default weight and size units in your Ecwid store.

Stay Tuned

Don’t want to miss big updates and new helpful tools? Here’s how to stay up to date on what’s new in your Ecwid store:

Now, it’s up to you! Have you tried any new tools yet? Or maybe you have an idea for a new tool to improve your online seller routine? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments! It is our goal to make Ecwid the best possible ecommerce platform for everyone.



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