Posted Oct 29, 2013 by John Lincoln, E-commerce blogger

5 Ways to Grow your Store's Online Presence

We mostly announced only new Ecwid versions in this blog before, however now we will post articles on how to promote your store. Here is the first post — more to come, post ideas about topics you want to hear about in comments!

So, you have established an online store. Your products are in place, and everything looks great. The business model is established. What now? The next step: growing your online presence. This is perhaps the most crucial element for any e-commerce enterprise.

The difference between a successful online business and an average e-enterprise often is determined by marketing. Store A and Store B may sell a similar product or service. But if Store A is smart about spreading the word and Store B fails to develop an online marketing plan, which business will thrive? 99 times out of 100, bet on Store A.

Here are a handful of ways to grab the bullhorn and announce you’ve arrived:

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites allow casual conversation with potential customers. They’re a great meeting place for young consumers and Ecwid President, Jim O’Hara recently discussed how social media is very important for businesses. Luckily for you, we’re #1 e-commerce app on Facebook. And because the site architecture is already in place, it’s easy to upload photos and content. In just a few minutes, you can prepare your business for millions of people to see. Click here to see how to install it on Facebook. When you’re ready to take your store to the next level, you can run contests, enable social sharing and even offer products and discounts.

Good (Preferably Great) Content

At the end of the day, content is still king and details matter. From vibrant photos to well-written product and category descriptions, your content generates interest — and if you are keeping people on your site and encouraging repeat visits, you will soon reap the rewards.

Search Engine Optimization

Related to content, SEO determines your website’s search engine rank. Basically, you want your site to appear on popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) when certain “keywords” are entered so you need to use those “keywords” in your content. Familiarize yourself with SEO and watch your search engine rankings skyrocket. Click here for more details on implementing SEO for your store.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Ecwid has built-in feeds to send your product prices, photos and that great content you created to the major comparison shopping engines — Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads,, Shopzilla and many more. Potential customers are looking for your products and this is a quick way to have your products listed where they are comparing.

Email Marketing

With mobile phones and 24/7 email access, this method allows you to put your products and company message in your customer’s inbox. An email can suggest a purchase or service and communicate the unique character of your company. You should send an email that can be read on mobile phones or desktop computers and lead your customers back to your site for checkout. Send out an email every so often highlighting new items, discount and news about the company. We do recommend programs such as MailChimp for your email marketing.

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