5 Types of BOGO(F) Promotions You Can Run in Your Store
Posted Aug 30, 2017 by Vitaly Golovin, Ecwid Team

5 Types of BOGO(F) Promotions You Can Run in Your Store

Buy-One-Get-One(-Free) is a proven sales tactic with many variations. No need to worry about your losses: experienced merchants know that BOGO(F) sounds much more appealing for customers than it actually is. Few customers are good at math, so a fancy offer works, and BOGO(F) remains popular among merchants to lure customers.

Let’s see what makes for a successful BOGO(F) sale and what variations you can apply in your store.

Not all product types are equally good for BOGO(F). Strive for ones that are:

  • Expendable. If customers like your product (body cream, for example), they’ll come back for more when they run out of it.
  • Usable in two. You don’t want to offer two similar jackets, do you? Two pairs of socks for the price of one are much better.
  • With at least a 50% margin. If your product’s margin is 50%, then your sale is break-even. Try to include at least one product with a higher margin to come out ahead.

The total price of the deal should fit the amount that customers are ready to pay. To be on the safe side, you can check out your average order value and aim for a little bit more.

A BOGO(F) promo is normally run within a time limit. It creates a sense of urgency, pushing customers to making a purchase. On the other hand, a flash offer prevents customers from getting used to buying on the discount terms.

The mechanism of BOGO(F) is very flexible. There are five variations we’ll look at  choose the one that works best for your product range and goals.

1. Buy one, get one half price

If you have a bestseller in your store, this tactic will work great for it. A BOGOH (-Half) will attract and activate those who have been hesitating to try it. With this great deal, customers will buy your legendary stuff, love it, and come back again soon.

2. Buy one from category A and get another from category B for free

Pairing products from different categories can make a great deal for seasonal products or certain groups of targeted customers, for example, students and their parents (Back to School BOGO).

The only condition to remember is that the second item must be of equal or lesser value.

3. Buy one and get free samples

By giving away free samples, you allow your customers to feel the real product. Samples might look like a gift, but they are also an investment into the future demand for your products. Include exclusive samples of your new product line to introduce it to your customers.

Cosmperfum BOGO

Source: Cosmperfum

It’s not about physical goods only: a great way to get more reads of your e-books is to provide short samples. This way you don’t lose anything. Samples are much less likely to be stolen, copied, or distributed illegally. But if your customers love the content, they’ll come and buy the whole book.

Source: Raz Kids

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4. Buy three for the price of two

This is one of the most common variations of BOGO. It works for many product types and looks like a very cool deal. Remember to keep the terms simple: include items with similar prices — it will simplify perception and prevent hesitation.


Source: EMP

5. Buy item X and get % on item Y

This is an easy-to-implement tactic for industries with a lot of complementary products: sports, beauty, electronics.

Say you sell a pair of sneakers and give a 30% discount on the footwear cosmetics. This type of promotion can help you sell out accessories.

How to Run BOGO(F) in Ecwid

The BOGO(F) types described above can be implemented with the BOGO app from the Ecwid App Market.

Install the app, and the settings will appear in your Control Panel → Promotions. The interface will be the same as that of your Ecwid store, so it’ll be easy to set the right kind of promotion for your business:

Start the 14-day free trial to try the BOGO app before the holiday season sales.

Have you run BOGO(F) in your store? Were you happy with the results? Share your experience in the comments below.

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