15 Trending Products to Sell This Summer
Posted May 30, 2017 by Kristen Pinkman, Ecwid Team

15 Trending Products to Sell This Summer

At the start of this year, we brought you a list of the top products and niches to explore in 2017.

That was way back in January. Now that summer is upon us, there’s a whole new range of products — and a whole new market of hungry buyers — to explore and sell to.

In this new list, we’ll look at the top trending products you can sell this summer.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re completely new to the e-commerce game or revamping your store for the summer, these products will help you make the most of the coming few months.

1. Weight Loss and Diet Products

Come summer, come summer body goals.

Demand for health-related products, especially weight loss products, tends to spike right around January (thanks to New Year’s resolutions) and summers.

This is a broad category, of course, but it has some evergreen products. Some of these are:

Protein bars

Protein bars are a go-to food supplement for fitness enthusiasts who want protein on the go. Demand goes up around summer as more people push for their “goal body”.

For example, here’s Google Trends report for protein bars:

Note how the demand spikes around summer, then dips right before winters?


Juices — fresh or packaged — are a big hit in hot summer months. Both because of their refreshing properties and health benefits.

Take a look at Google trends for juices. Notice how there are always two spikes — one around January, and another before summer?

Protein Powder

Protein powder (often just “whey protein”) is one of the most popular sources of protein for fitness enthusiasts. And just like protein bars, demand spikes up around January and summer.

2. Keto Diet Products

Keto is a dietary program that emphasizes proteins and fats and (almost) completely removes carbohydrates from the diet.

With celebs like Lebron James and Jessica Biel following it, Keto has quickly become one of the most searched-for diets in the world.

Given the massive fat loss associated with keto, it’s a great product category to sell this summer.

Some keto-related products that do particularly well are:

Keto Bars

These are like protein bars, except that they have higher protein and fat content and negligible carbohydrates.

Demand has been up greatly this year:

Keto Books

Books related to keto diet are going up in demand:

Keto Chips

Protein and fat-rich chips that adhere to the keto diet requirements. They help people on the diet snack easily.

Demand has been up and up:

Keto Supplements

These are food supplements that supply additional protein and fat. They’re becoming increasingly popular among people struggling to meet their nutritional targets.

3. Fidget Spinners

You can’t really escape this toy anymore. From newspapers to YouTube, this seemingly mundane toy is suddenly everywhere.

Just take a look at this phenomenal Google Trends report:

There are literally tens of thousands of videos on this toy on YouTube. Here’s what a quick YouTube search shows up:

What the fidget spinner does is hard to explain. It’s mostly a simple toy that spins at a high speed. Originally designed to help patients deal with ADHD, they’ve suddenly become one of the most requested toys of the summer.

So of course, they’ll make a great product to add to your store!

4. Wood Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses are obviously a big hit around summer. The sun is out and people like to be outdoors. So of course, they’ll want to keep their eyes protected (and look fashionable).

But instead of simply selling “sunglasses”, niche down.

One type of sunglasses that have been doing particularly well recently are wood frame sunglasses.

These are just like your average sunglasses, except that the frame is made of light wood (often bamboo). They work particularly well for the summer since they are a) affordable, and b) you can sell them by pushing their “ecological” benefits.

5. Matcha

Matcha what?

Matcha is a green tea powder that has climbed the popularity charts due to its health benefits. Essentially, this is a form of green tea that is dried, powdered and added to drinks.

Matcha is rich in caffeine and theanine — two energy-releasing chemicals (also found in energy drinks). At the same time, it gives the calmness associated with green tea. And since it is a powder, it can be added to water, milk and even food without altering its flavor profile much.

Little wonder that its Google Trends report looks like this:

Given the health benefits, it’s a fantastic product to add to your product line this summer.

6. Power Banks

If you’re going to spend hours lazing around at the beach, you’ll obviously need to keep your phone charged.

Enter: the humble power bank.

Demand for this product has been steadily increasing over the years. Don’t think of this as a “trending” product. Instead, think of it as an “evergreen” product that will continue to be in demand as long as people have phones.

7. Selfie Drones

Summer means it’s time to hit the outdoors. And when you’re outdoors, you’ll want to take some photographs.

Selfie drones combine two major consumer trends: selfies and drones. These tiny, easy-to-control drones are designed to take selfies. Think of them as the advanced selfie-stick.

Demand has been staggered but definitely on the up.

Here’s what Google Trends has to say:

8. Drinks Cooler

Here’s another evergreen product you can’t go wrong with in the summer: a drinks cooler.

People will want coolers as long as they want to be outdoors in the summer. Demand skyrockets around May, just as this Google Trends graph shows:

9. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are colorful accessories that have become popular over the last couple of years. Often quirky and laden with pop-culture symbolism, these cheap accessories can add some character to any outfit, instantly.

If you sell clothes or accessories, consider adding these to your store. You might even want to design some of your own if you have a manufacturing partner.

Read this article to find a manufacturing partner for your product idea.

10. Ice Cream Maker

This is another classic summer product. Demand spikes up each year around summer and falls to a low before winters.

It’s a good idea to have a few such evergreen summer products in your catalog. They might not be “trending”, but they sell a steady volume each season — something each store needs in the long-run.

11. Can Wine

It’s wine. In a can.

For people who love wine, summers outdoors aren’t particularly kind. Toting around a wine bottle and glass is dangerous and inconvenient.

For such wine connoisseurs, there’s now the option to get their drink on in a can.

This is a growing product category with steadily increasing demand, especially around summers.

12. Slip Dresses

Nothing says “summer” quite like a slip dress.

These easy to wear, light and summery dresses are often called the “new sundress”. They’re particularly popular with millennials.

As Google Trends shows, demand has been steadily rising, but reached an all-time high this year.

For clothing stores, this is a great product category to add to the line-up.

13. Fitness Watches and Bands

Fitness watches and bands includes everything from Apple Watch to the humble Fitbit band. Demand spikes around two periods: holidays (for gifting) and summers as people try to reach their fitness goals.

There are a lot of products in this category, so make sure to gauge demand for individual brands.

14. Charcoal Powder

“Charcoal powder” has suddenly emerged as a wonder beauty product. This powder is made from “activated” charcoal and is supposed to give you clearer, blemish-free skin.

Different variants of the powder are available for different purposes. There are charcoal masks for rejuvenating skin, powders for teeth whitening, etc.

These are among the best selling beauty products on Amazon:

Google Trends also shows similar demand for charcoal powder based products.

15. Liquid Phone Case

With more than 2.5B smartphone users worldwide, it’s obvious that phone cases are a popular product category.

In this constantly evolving field, liquid phone cases are the latest trend. These are phone cases filled with a gel-like liquid. Not only does it look good, it also helps keep the phone cool.

Demand for liquid phone cases has been increasing over the last year or so. Just take a look at Google Trends:


You don’t have to have a brilliant idea to find e-commerce success. More often than not, you simply need to know what’s selling and jump in on an emerging trend.

For this summer, start off by picking from some of the products listed above. Try to pack your store catalog with an equal distribution of evergreen and trending products. This way, you ensure a steady trickle of sales (from evergreen products) as well as regular sales spikes (from trending products).

If this list has inspired you to start your own store, check out this article to learn how to start your first e-commerce store.

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