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14 Ecwid Store Examples that Sell Furniture and Home Decor

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With more people working from home, online furniture sales are booming! According to Statista’s Digital Market Outlook, revenue in the Furniture & Homeware segment worldwide is expected to exceed $229 billion in 2021.

By 2025, it’s projected that nearly $22 billion will be spent on stationary sofas and sofa sleepers in the United States alone.

Is now the ideal time for furniture and home decor sellers to turn to the online sphere and take the plunge into ecommerce? You never know (but we think so!).

There’s no reason to hold back here and now if you’re a furniture seller: you feel confident in your products, and we have a tool to help you effortlessly set up an online store, connect it with social media, and start selling furniture online.

Ecwid is a plug-and-play solution that does not require web development or design skills. A broad array of settings will help you get your site in sync with your sales and fulfillment process. And 70+ free and professional design themes will satisfy the esthete in you.

Already have a website? No problem. Ecwid can work as an embeddable widget with any site builder you can think of.

Don’t take our word for it! We’ll give you some real world examples to pique your curiosity. Check out our list of successful furniture manufacturers and sellers who use Ecwid to get what they need out of an ecommerce platform. And they do it well. We think you can too!

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VIP Furnishings

The fine folks of VIP Furnishings are passionate about designer furniture and interior accessories. They’re committed to offering stunning furniture designs at affordable prices.

Each furniture design you’ll find in the VIP Furnishings online store is 100% original design work, even if you don’t go the made to order route. From functional bedside tables and coffee tables to elegant sofas, chairs, and armchairs, VIP Furnishings is more than capable of surprising and delighting you.

Boho Art & Styling

This is a small artwork boutique located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Boho Art & Styling was founded by Brooke Taylor, a mother of two, professional photographer, and esteemed digital artist with 20 years of experience. Affordable prices and high quality are the central values of Brooke’s work.

Pioneer Chairs

Pioneer Chairs is a family-owned business located in the rural town of Fitzwilliam, in the heart of the United States. Their passion for carpentry and building can be attributed to their lineage of craftsmanship—generations of skilled artisans who passed their abilities down through the generations.

All Pioneer Chair’s furniture is made on the premises of their home, a three-story traditional post and beam barn constructed in 2011-2012 as a private manufacturing facility.

Pioneer Chairs work well in large homes or small studio apartments. They are designed for conscientious customers who want a sustainable product that is well made, simple to use, easy to store, and built in America. They also make the perfect gift for someone you know who shares these values. Perhaps a wedding, birthday, or Christmas gift.

Sea Spirits Gallery & Gifts

Gallery owner Victoria Golden is a fine art and sea lover. Her passion for the sea and her love of art and artifacts are evident everywhere in her gallery, as well as her online store. There you’ll find an array of paintings, sculptures, and home decor—anything and everything that vibes with her sea theme.

The gallery’s unique decor includes a diverse collection of one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass, wooden sculpture, nautical objects, and more. With such an array of artisan pieces, these items are sure to add a touch of beauty to any home.

Lowry London

“Sustainable furniture, made in London, to last a lifetime” is a motto of the Lowry London brand. They approach furniture design as craftsmen, with a focus on each piece’s longevity and simplicity.

Lowry London refuses to contribute to the “fast furniture” industry by using any synthetic MDF or human-made boards. They source the best natural woods from select, local, FSC-verified timber merchants in the UK.

If you like neat, minimal, and functional furniture, Lowry London is definitely a place to scope out.


Cushionkings is a family-owned and operated business in Riverside, California, in the United States. They have over 20-yrs experience in outdoor cushion manufacturing.

With its own manufacturing resources, Cushionkings is committed to providing high-quality sunbrella replacement cushions for a fraction of the price of most online retailers. This is not a dropshipping business, so the product quality is carefully monitored to align with the highest standards of quality.

Cushionking’s goal is to become America’s #1 place to shop for Sunbrella Replacement Cushions. And they don’t have a long way to go!

Madbury Road

A collaboration between two close friends, Tim Clement and Brady Bartlett, Madbury Road was conceived as a smart and high-quality alternative to traditional, overpriced patio furniture. The mission of this business from Rhode Island, USA, is to make luxury outdoor furniture accessible.

Furniture built from inferior quality materials, uncomfortable seating, and miniature sizing are not qualities you’ll find at Madbury Road. With complete control of the manufacturing and distribution processes, Tim and Brady sell their products at a fraction of regular big box retail prices.

They are always looking for opportunities to keep their prices low, without compromising quality or customer experience. Sometimes they even deliver their furniture personally. This also gives them an opportunity to talk to their clients and hear on the ground feedback.

Baby Fantasy Room

With Baby Fantasy Room, you will find lovingly handmade and unique items for the little ones in your life. They offer a large selection of fabrics and products for everything baby: soft play mats and nests for toddlers, baby-friendly blankets, or quaint mobilés. All made with love and care in Germany.

Lucey Furnishings

Established in 1993, Lucey Furnishings has grown into one of Cork, Ireland’s favorite independent furniture stores. By combining an insistence on superior customer service with a carefully selected range of furniture, they have helped generations of homeowners find the right furniture piece for their homes.

All Lucey’s furniture is carefully selected and sourced from some of Ireland’s and Europe’s most prestigious furniture manufacturers. Every piece of the store’s extensive and ever-evolving range of the store combines functionality with style and will please even the most discerning tastes.

Vita Interiors

Vita Interiors is a home decor and furniture retailer located in Melbourne, Australia. There you can shop a wide range of trending homeware goods and furniture sourced and put together by a professional interior design team. All to help you decorate your home with love and at affordable prices.

The latest trends in homewares and accessories to add those finishing touches to your home are here, including wall art, artificial plants, and flowers.


Bolko has stood for quality craftsmanship since 1931. Today they focus on interior design. This genuine German brand located in Mönchengladbach combines traditional and contemporary design, innovative technology, and materials. A passion for wood design in the form of high-quality furniture has been Bolko’s constant motivator throughout decades.

Precise processes, attention to detail in production, and reliable completion have led to Bolko’s position as one of the leading interior design and furniture suppliers in Germany. A brand with history and traditional values at the forefront of everything they do.

OX Hülle & Fülle

In OX Hülle & Fülle (or Ox Galore in English) in Burgdorf, Switzerland, you will find a team of passionate architects, interior designers, fitters, and designers.

They’re always happy to help develop your ideas and projects so that your rooms and house end up just the way you want them and act as an extension of your personality. You’ll be surprised by the range of furniture and decor for interiors and exterior use.

8 Degrees South

8 Degrees South, a furniture store and supplier from South Africa, produce pieces one at a time, using only natural materials. Therefore, you can be sure that two products will never be exactly alike, so your purchase is unique.

Their catalog boasts over 3,000 products, with new products added regularly. Chairs, sofas, dining tables, freestanding lamps, mirrors, pots, baskets, and different decor—all made from natural materials.

If you like eco-friendly furniture made of teak or rattan, add 8 Degrees South’s online store to your list.

Medusa Project

“Earth without Art is just ‘Eh’ — A Medusa Project guiding principle.

Inspired by a mixture of Greek Mythology and Versace, Medusa is the perfect metal wall art store for luxury decor. If you’re looking for unique decoration pieces for your living room or office, or a special gift for a friend, check out the Medusa art store.

In Closing

We hope these shops inspired those looking to buy furniture, and those looking to start selling it online too.

The furniture and home decor market is snowballing, and you couldn’t find a better time to join in on the fun. All you have to do is to set up a store and get your stuff out into the world.

To help you along the way, Ecwid offers an easy-to-manage ecommerce solution that will take you minutes to help you start selling furniture online.

For those who are always on the go, Ecwid has a store management app for iOS and Android that allows you to create an online store and sell online with only a mobile phone. Try it out and tell us how you like it in the comments below.

Do you want to learn more about selling furniture online?

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