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Posted Sep 4, 2018 by Anastasia Prokofyeva

10 Trending Products to Sell on Instagram

In 2018, Instagram began supporting businesses like never before: now you can make your posts shoppable (soon — Stories too!), and experts believe Instagram is destined to become the largest mobile e-commerce platform. Isn’t it the perfect time to dust off your Instagram store and shake it up with some new products?

Here you’ll find 10 popular visual products, that will make your Instagram store irresistible for customers. Remember, that to enable Shopping on Instagram, your store should be approved for this feature first. We decided to save your time and chose only those products that comply with Facebook’s store and product policies.

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1. Wireless Phone Charger

Smartphone accessories and futuristic items will never go out of style. Wireless phone chargers are not only phone related, they seem space-age appropriate. Soon, people will be buying wireless phone chargers to use inn a car, at home or at an office. Their stylish, Apple-style minimalist design, too, will attract attention.

Minimalistic design of @aircharge looks great on Instagram

Minimalistic design of @aircharge looks great on Instagram

2. Smart Home Appliances

Google searches for smart home appliances have quadrupled since 2013

A smart home is no longer a fantasy associated with “Back to the Future” movies. Now you can actually integrate voice-activated and remote-controlled features in your own home.

Not everyone is ready to buy a smart fridge, but smaller appliances like smart light bulbs or baby monitors are quite affordable and satisfy the desire for something innovative. Moreover, Instagram users love videos just as much as pictures. Videos are great to show smart home products’ potential. You don’t have to limit yourself to one format: check out how Sure Petcare shows the product in use, makes cute videos and shares content made by customers.

A smart lamp and speaker from @oupio.official

A smart lamp and speaker from @oupio.official

3. Deshedding Pet Gloves

Deshedding Pet Gloves

People love their pets, but the fur covering every surface of a house? Not so much. Pet grooming gloves make removing pet hair before it falls much easier. More, they are simple to clean, pet-pleasing and don’t cost much — sounds like a good deal for a customer. Don’t forget to add pictures of cute cats and dogs to the your website and social feeds!

@GroomingGloves post pictures with pets in their account

@GroomingGloves post pictures with pets in their account

4. Keto Foods

Keto Foods

We get it: yet another diet. This one seems to be maintaining its popularity, however. It helps people not only lose weight, but control blood sugar and meet other health-related goals. Merchants have started selling keto supplements like fish oil or creatine, or unique foods like shirataki noodles.

If you dive into the Keto diet, remind people that they get to eat many foods they like and can get easily. For example, cheese, coconut oil, plain yogurt, nuts, dark chocolate and cocoa powder appear in many Keto meals. If you sell foods, check if they can be eaten on a keto diet and use this info in a promotion.

“Simplicity is the way”, says @valentinacresti, and she’s right: familiar foods can be presented as trendy keto foods

“Simplicity is the way”, says @valentinacresti, and she’s right: familiar foods can be presented as trendy keto foods

5. Beard Oil

Google searches for beard oil have skyrocketed since 2013

Google searches for beard oil have skyrocketed since 2013

Men’s cosmetics aren’t limited about soap and shampoo anymore. on’t look past the potentially lucrative men’s market, especially if you sell cosmetics or plan to. If you like this idea, don’t limit your product range to beard oil; instead, add options like beard combs, hairstyling products, skincare or dude wipes.

Trending product ideas beard oil

6. Oil Diffusers

Google searches for oil diffusers have leapt from non-existent to robust

Google searches for oil diffusers have leapt from non-existent to robust

With most of us running to work and other activities around the clock these days, it’s no wonder the sales stress-controlling products have been on the rise.

Springboard from the stress-relieving trend to use to promote oil diffusers, small machines that use ultrasonic waves and water to  dispel natural oils into the air. Scents from these oil diffusers are said to improve mood and health. Don’t forget about their related products — essential oils.

You can sell oil diffusers for homes or cars. Many are shaped in attractive and unique styles–a benefit for promoting on image-focused instagram. Also, turning an odor-limiting device into a work of art will encourage the oil diffuser’s proud display.

@victsing_homasy shares their client’s picture they were tagged in

@victsing_homasy shares their client’s picture they were tagged in

7. Self-Care Products

Google searches for the term “self-care” have doubled in only the last year

Google searches for the term “self-care” have doubled in only the last year

While this phenomenon may be limited to the first world, “self-care” has certainly become a trend. The rise of organizations like San Diego’s Center for Mindful Self-Compassion and mindfulness in general have made people aware that being kind to themselves boosts well-being.

Merchants with an altruistic bent could enjoy contributing to a movement with such potential to enrich others. The range of products is limited only by your imagination: it can be beauty care to pamper yourself, mindfulness journals, meditation accessories, and even bathtub caddies.

There are different types of mindfulness journals (photo: @jasmineharley)

There are different types of mindfulness journals (photo: @jasmineharley)

8. 90s Fashion

In just 5 years, worldwide consumers have increased their Google searches for “90s Fashion” ten-fold

In just 5 years, worldwide consumers have increased their Google searches for “90s Fashion” ten-fold

Believe it or not, the 90s are now considered “retro.” More Instagram accounts praising the 90’s-00’s aesthetic appear every day, and there are almost 11 million posts with the hashtag #90s. The content on these accounts ranges from movies and TV show quotes and celebrity pics to make up looks and clothes or accessories. Big brands aren’t giving up on 90s fashion, and you shouldn’t either. Why? Instagram is awesome for the flippable lookbooks fashionistas crave. So if you sell apparel or plan to do so, add some retro clothes or accessories to your store.

@asos posts UGC to promote clothes with 90s aesthetics on their account

@asos posts UGC to promote clothes with 90s aesthetics on their account

9. White Sneakers

White sneakers come roaring back

White sneakers come roaring back

While designers initially intended lycra only for the gym, wearers fell in love with the comfort workout clothes provided. Today, a “thleisure” clothes bridge the gym / grocery store gap. The quality athleisure brands both flatter figures while providing room to move. Why white sneakers? We asked Google that question only to find white sneakers have 8 times more posts on Instagram than black ones, let alone other colors. Apparently, culture today just finds them more attractive.

One of Top 9 publications for #whitesneakers (photo: @nicoleburron)

One of Top 9 publications for #whitesneakers (photo: @nicoleburron)

10. Lamzac

Google searches for “lamzac” have doubled in the past year

Google searches for “lamzac” have doubled in the past year

There’s a name for those double-columned loungers you’ve been seeing in the parks and at the beach: lamzac. Made of near-parachute material, users need only open one end, scoop the air and the twist the end for a reliable seal. Compact and light-weight ,lamzacs work well for travelers, campers, festival-goers, kids and literally everyone who likes to be comfortable everywhere. Tip: make pictures of a product in different locations, just like Fatboy does:

@fatboy_original successfully sells lamzacs while promoting an idea of “escaping the daily routine with a big smile”

@fatboy_original successfully sells lamzacs while promoting an idea of “escaping the daily routine with a big smile”


When choosing new products to sell, focus closely on trends. Make your friend and be ready to move to a new product in your niche when sales begin to slow on your current ones.

It’s not just attention to product trends that make a merchant successful. Your marketing, too, should reflect the current mood.

Know that consumers are tiring of staged images, preferring more natural, candid and authentic ones instead. The mindfulness (over consumerism) trend will drive the popularity of products that promote mental and physical health. Consumer electronics — the adult toy of the digital era — will never go out of style. So, hop on board, choose a new product to excite your customers, and don’t forget to share your vision in comments!

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