10 Trending Products to Sell on Instagram
Posted Sep 26, 2019 by Anastasia Prokofieva

Top 10 Sales Trends on Instagram

Instagram is doing more than ever for businesses thanks to shoppable posts that allow you to tag your products in photos. Industry experts believe Instagram is destined to become the future of social e-commerce — all you need is the right products to make it your own!

Feeling a bit behind the Instagram trends? Check out 10 of the hottest product categories to make your store irresistible to today’s online shoppers. Remember that to enable Shopping on Instagram, your store needs to be approved for this feature first. To save you time, we’ve chosen only those products that comply with Facebook’s store and product policies.

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Wireless Earphones and Earbuds

trending instagram products Wireless Earphones

Wired headphones have gone the way of the gramophone. Since the arrival of AirPods, the menagerie of wireless earphones and earbuds options has skyrocketed. Chances are good you’ve got at least one pair of the things lying around somewhere yourself. While wireless earbud and earphone brands are definitely on an upward trend, the market isn’t quite to the point of oversaturation… yet. So jump on the trend while it’s hot, and get those little money-makers on your Instagram.

trending instagram products wireless earphones

@sennheiser shares a picture of their product in use with a branded hashtag #MOMENTUMTrueWireless

Skincare Products

trending instagram products skincare

The fountain of youth. Beauty and skincare has always been one of the most dominant markets on Instagram. And beauty products like facial rollers and Vitamin C serums are leading the charge. Products infused with buzzy 100% natural skincare ingredients like bakuchiol (‘back-uh-heel’) top the list by offering the same benefits as retinol products without the harsh side effects. Vegan and cruelty-free products are also heavy-hitters over the mass-produced big box brands we’ve grown to hate. Because when you’re talking about your face, pampering is the name of the game.

If you sell trending skin care products, it’s time to shout it from the rooftop of your Instagram store…

trending instagram skincare products

Combine products with accessories to create a beautiful flat lay, like @skincare

Vegan Keto Products

trending instagram products vegan Keto

Speaking of vegan…mash it up with Keto and you’ve got yourself a real power couple. The number of vegans is growing, and keto diet doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So vegan keto foods will definitely earn you some brownie points on Instagram — not to mention a few greenbacks.

And don’t forget, Instagram is the land of #foodporn and foodies; make those product shots sparkle and the Instagram world will thank you.

trending instagram vegan Keto products

Share vegan-keto recipes with your followers, just like @ethicallyenhanced

Oat Milk

trending instagram products oat milk

A lot of folks out there are looking for a more conscious and sustainable way of living. This shift is obviously affecting the way people shop, and one trend to take note of in particular is the rise of alternative milk products. (Talk about a conversation starter.) Oat milk is one of the most popular and affordable plant-based milks on the market right now and a shoe-in for the Instagram trend-wagon.

trending instagram products oat milk

Lifestyle images fit well in Instagram feeds selling oat milk (Image: @made_by_land)

Satin Dresses

trending instagram products satin dress

Satin dresses are back with a vengeance. Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle are the cornerstones of Instagram’s success, so apparel products are a no-brainer for Instagram. And just a little research will reveal that satin dresses are at the top of the shopping list for Instagram’s budding fashionistas. If apparel’s your thing, do some digging of your own to find out what else is trending — you might just have a winning ticket in your product catalog already.

trending instagram products satin dresses

@asos posts photos of customers modeling their latest purchases

Chunky Sneakers

trending instagram products chunky sneakers

Love it or hate it, chunky is in. Big-soled shoes are dominating Instagram stores. Louis Vuitton Arclight. Gucci Flashtrek. Balenciaga Track. These styles are lighting up e-commerce, and Instagram is the perfect place for a showcase.

trending instagram products chunky sneakers

Eye-catching product photography from @koio

Sustainable Fashion

trending instagram products fashion

Fashion is always top of mind on Instagram. That’s for sure. But social context is also becoming increasingly important. Most of today’s social movement centers around the idea of environmental impact, and eco-conscious fashion is the collision of those two values. Recycled materials, repurposed textiles, faux fur, vegan leathers, industrial hemp… if you’re making use of eco-conscious production practices, Instagram users are primed to reward you.

trending instagram products sustainable fashion

@pursuitswimwear sells swimsuits made from regenerated ocean waste


trending instagram products kombucha

No real news here…Kombucha is the golden goose of the beverage world. Gut health has become increasingly buzzy over the last several years, and Kombucha appears to be the intestine’s new best friend. Given that the best-selling Instagram products are generally related to health and fitness, it’s no wonder that Kombucha has been welcomed with open arms. Moreover, it responds to an increasing demand for natural products with additional benefits. If you produce any naturally fermented food or drinks, take good note of their rising popularity, and act accordingly.

trending instagram products kombucha

Trending Instagram products call for vivid photography (Image: @mywonderbrew)


trending instagram products hair wigs

Strange as it seems, wigs are enjoying the Instagram spotlight. Celebrities like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are popularizing the traditionally niche product as a means of experimenting with new and elaborate style choices. Fantastical or natural, wigs have become a stylish accessory, with an Instagram search of #wig prompting more than six million results.

trending instagram products wigs

@kyliejenner and many other celebs are rocking the wig look

Reusable Bags

Reusable Bags

Like we said, eco-conscious is in. And there’s no retail shift more prominent than the reusable bag. Reusable bags are an easy way to live out the eco-friendly lifestyle, and shoppers are looking to Instagram for fun, affordable reusable bags that reflect their personalities and ideals. Totes, produce and grocery bags, bulk bags, food bags, bags for snacks. Whatever. Opt for the bags that offer added benefits like being machine washable when the salsa explodes, and you’ll be in business.

Reusable Bags trending instagram products

Reusable pouches are great for kids’ food (Image: @squizpouch_en)

Follow the Trends Friends!

The best product to sell online is the one that fits the latest trends. So make Google Trends your friend, and be ready to slide products in and out of your store when sales begin to slow. Here are some Instagram stats to keep in mind:

  • 71% of Instagrams one billion active users are under the age of 35
  • Instagram’s biggest markets include beauty, health and fitness, travel, fashion, lifestyle, business, and animals
  • Consumers prefer authentic images (#nofilter is among the top 100 Instagram hashtags), so avoid using photos that have been heavily staged

Got a great product? Check. Got an Instagram store? Check. Got a grip on what’s trending? Check. Now all that’s left is to shake up your Instagram store, and start raking in some sales.

Already tested and identified your most lucrative Instagram products? Drop a line in our comments section to let us know!

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