10 Easy-to-Reproduce Product Photography Ideas
Posted Aug 18, 2017 by Kristen Pinkman, Ecwid Team

10 Easy-to-Reproduce Product Photography Ideas

Getting in front of your customers is pretty much like going on a date. You try to be cute and engaging and look your best, of course.

Great product pictures make the “outfit” for an online store. And sometimes you may wonder what to wear. To help you out, here’s a collection of product photography ideas for your inspiration.

1. Make your pictures live

We’re used to looking at clothes’ pics on hangers, simple white backgrounds, or models in standard poses. Try to catch the customer’s eye with something unusual: choose unusual angles and places to shoot, make models show clothes in motion to make them look more vivid.

Tip: soft natural light in the late afternoon or evening is the easiest light to work with for outside photography. If you shoot earlier, it can be too bright. You can also use reflectors so your pictures are not too dark.

2. Play with backgrounds

Special photo backgrounds won’t cost you too much and can help a lot when you’re taking product photos. Sometimes you don’t even need it; for example, you can take pictures of products on marble table boards, wooden parquet floors, or even plain and clean tabletops. For additional lighting you can use ordinary lamps, but only if they provide bright light, and put them above the product.

A simple white background doesn’t always mean “boring”: you can use it to make products eye-catching too. If the color of your product isn’t a primary feature, consider black and white photography: shades and bold shapes make a great photo. Or add something that can flatter the product, for example, golden glitter looks good with the necklace but doesn’t draw attention away from it. Also, consider photo boxes for jewelry photography.

3. Show products in use

If you’re selling something people can wear, use, or play with, it might be a good idea to show a product in use. In this case, it’s fine to be casual. That way you avoid making photos look artificial. RADBAG’s pics speak for themselves: these slippers are comfy, this mug is perfect for tea-making, and this nail polish holder is quite a convenient thing (pay attention to the choice of colors here!)

Beste. Uitvinding. Ooit. #nagellak #nails #nagels #tweexy #nail #nagel

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4. Don’t hesitate to make it bright

To make a product picture stand out, you may try using different backgrounds: bright, printed, handmade, or digital. Or if you prefer simpler backgrounds, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a creative photo: make a “puzzle” with your products, like IMWIM did. It doesn’t only look good but also involves customers in other things you sell.

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5. Routine doesn’t mean boring

As you see, you don’t have to sell something outstanding to take catchy pics: if ordinary cooking utensils like cookie cutters can look awesome, everything can! In the case of cutters, shape is the most important part, so the photograph stresses it with a black & white filter, composition, and shades.

6. Use prints

Use color to highlight your picture. It may be just a frame or a background with print, and you can even let it overlay the product: as long as it’s well-placed, it draws more attention from your customers.

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7. Keep it simple but not trivial

If you’re selling sportswear, it might be a good idea to show it in action, or at least in motion. As you might have already noticed, simple doesn’t mean boring: look at these polos, turned into a “Yin Yang” composition.

Black or white? #TheIdleMan #StyleMadeEasy

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8. Show what it’s made of

When vendors sell food, they always say what it is made of, so why not do that in the picture too? Make a composition of a product and its ingredients. It makes for a beautiful pic and saves customers’ time — now they don’t need to read the info. And don’t forget that dishes and table-mats can also be of great help for photographs.

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9. Get creative with accessory

If you want to use fruits or flowers in your photographs, don’t limit yourself to standard “product in front, flowers in background” schemes. Make it a bold part of the photo, and think of unusual placement. Tubes or bottles with cosmetics don’t need to stand in a strict line on a picture. Make room for experimentation here too, as Eminence did.

Reveal your skin's radiance with #EminenceOrganics Sour Cherry Masque. 🍒 What do you love about this revitalizing & refining #mask?

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10. Don’t stick to traditional

It is always a good idea to aim for great live photos with some vibe, so don’t be afraid to step away from traditional sets. If you want to make kidswear look rather urban than “childish”, then do it. Or if you feel like your delicate china set might look great in the hands of a very masculine type of man, go ahead too.

Some things to remember:

  • A great photo consists of good lighting and a nice background. Your camera doesn’t have to be professional equipment: awesome product pictures can even be taken with your smartphone camera (if it wasn’t released 10 years ago).
  • When editing pictures, pay attention to brightness, contrast, and sharpness. You often don’t need any filters if these features are performed well.
  • If you want to buy some photography equipment, the most helpful objects will be a reflector, photo backgrounds, or photo boxes.

Feel free to experiment and find new “looks” for your product photographs, as customers love to see a story behind a product. The Ecwid blog is always here to help you make this story memorable for them!

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Kristen is a сontent creator at Ecwid. She finds inspiration in sci-fi books, jazz music, and home-cooked food.
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