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Simplify your marketing with automated ads

Spending too much time and resources managing your marketing campaigns? Enhance your marketing efforts with Ecwid's automated ads for effortless and precise results.

Why automate your ads?

Automated ads use artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies to autonomously manage your ads, reducing a lot of manual work.

Automated ads

Manual ads


Manages ad spending, reducing wasted budget

Requires careful budget management to avoid overspending


Places ads on best-performing channels

Manual and complex selection of ad placements

Ad placement

Delivers personalized content based on user behavior

Personalization is done manually and may not be as precise

Keyword management

Automated keyword selection and optimization for relevant words and phrases

Hands-on selection, monitoring, and adjustment of keywords

Ad creation

Ads created automatically from your product catalog

Create and upload ad content manually

Data analysis

Automatic data analysis and reporting for quick adjustments

Manual data analysis is required, which can lead to delays in optimization

Time management

Less time for day-to-day management and more time to focus on strategy

Requires more time to optimize campaigns and make manual adjustments


Easily retarget previous website visitors or customers with collected data

Requires extra time and resources to identify past visitors

Google automated ads

Ensure global visibility for your products and advertise on the world’s largest browser and its platform ecosystem (Google Search, Google Shopping, Youtube, Gmail, Google Display Network).

*Spend $500 in 31 days to receive an extra $500 in ad credit. Terms and conditions apply.

Facebook automated ads

Reach Facebook's vast audience of 3 billion users, all while eliminating the need for manual ad management.

Manage all of your ads in one place

Manage all of your ads and track their performance directly through your Ecwid control panel.

Other Ecwid advanced ad tools

Discover Ecwid’s variety of advanced ad tools to optimize your marketing for maximum results.

Manage all your ads in one place with the Kliken app

Add Google Tag Manager, or Facebook Pixel to your store and track ad performance reliably and easily

Also TikTok Pixel, Snapchat Pixel, Pinterest Tag

Start automating your ads on Facebook and Google

Upload your product catalog and assets, and let the platform effortlessly generate and optimize ad campaigns for you.

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