WherEver Chat: Live Chat with Audio Call and Video Chat

Live chat with in-browser audio call and video chat

  • Allows customer to remain in his comfort zone. Customer may text/audio/video or a combination
  • Improves customer engagement, with multi-session chats and concurrent chat with multi-customers. Customer is connected while on the go
  • Augments channels of customer acquisition. Customer may embed click-to-chat link in email campaign, Facebook, etc.

Texting+audio/video chat in a single screen. On the go too

Texting+audio/video chat. Blend live chatting, in-browser audio and video calling, as appropriate. All in a single screen. Put customer engagement in next orbit.

Custom click-to-chat link. WherEver chat gives you a custom click-to-chat link. Embed this link in email campaign, Facebook, Digital Ads, etc. Pave for instant connect.

Multi-session chats. Customer service is seldom one-time chats. Picture the customer profile from previous chats. Resume chat from the last session.

Concurrent chats. You (or your agents) can chat with any number of customers concurrently and see the preview of what customer types – surprise customers with the response speed!

Device and platform neutral. Be connected on the go! One-click install. No registration details. No password setting.


Made by mBay Inc

Contact developer at support@mbay.chat