Track Your Store Sales in Facebook Messenger

App price: Free to $24.99 / month, free trial

Powerful Facebook Messenger Statiny Chatbot

  • Receive notifications in Facebook Messenger when customer places a new order to be always up to date
  • Get your store‚Äôs sales stats on the go: know whether new or returned customer placed an order, number of orders in defined period of time, order gross total and other stats
  • Schedule daily sales stats reports for your online business. Just ask the bot!

Get sales data of your online store in Facebook Messenger

Connect your online store to Statiny chatbot in Facebook Messenger and get notifications about new orders right on your mobile phone instantly.

Stats contain the information related to orders made by returned or new customers, total order numbers per defined period of time, gross total and so on. Just ask bot!

You can also ask the bot to schedule daily reports right on your smartphone: all the statistics will come to you once a day. Turn it on or off in the Statiny chatbot settings in Facebook Messenger.

Free plan available, free 30-day trial period. Money back guarantee after trial time ends.

Other app features include:

  • Most popular products sold stats per specified period
  • Ability to add several owners/admins of an online store to share its statistics
  • Flexible chatbot settings menu
  • Secure data encryption and connection
  • No changes to any parts of your store and functionality


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