Social Proof and Order Notifications by Assistantly

Price: $1.99 / month, free trial

Boost conversion by displaying customer purchases in storefront in real time

  • Increase conversion rate by showing what other customers have bought
  • Display notification and banner texts in your preferred language
  • Engage visitors with key store metrics banners
  • Create a sense of trust for store visitors

Create a sense of trust among your visitors to turn them into paying customers!

Just 20% of all online stores use various social proof. Be among those 20% who make 80% of sales!

Three main metrics that stores can get with Social proofs:

  • Conversion rate increase up to 14.51%
  • Visitors spend time on the site 1.5 times more
  • Average order check increased by 20%


New feature(August 2017):
Ability to set vertical and horizontal position of the notifications.
Vertical position: top, middle, and bottom.
Horizontal position: left, centre, right.


How It Works

Social Proofs displays key store metrics and recent purchases on your storefront.

Just a few great Social proof features for your store to increase sales and boost conversion:

  • The app starts working right after the installation by importing the orders for the last 30 days(or last 20 products if you don’t have enough sales)
  • New orders are added to the app in real time
  • Social Proof tracks every store visitor to show different notifications for each client
  • You can remove specific orders from appearing
  • Optimized for mobile!
  • Easy customization of the notification text, style, and display time
  • Track how your customers interact with notifications

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Boost conversion and increase your sales with free Social Proof trial!


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