ImageLock: Protect Store Images From Downloads

Price: $5 / month, free trial

Protect your images from unwanted downloads

  • Protect your images from being stolen from your online store
  • Disable right-click and drag & drop downloads on all major browsers
  • Engage users with a custom menu when they right-click on images
  • Display a customizable tooltip when visitors right-click on images

Don’t you hate it when someone steals your work and calls it their own?

The simplest way to download images from any website is by right-clicking and selecting the “Save Image” option. ImageLock disables right-click and drag & drop downloads on images, thus protecting your site from becoming the victim of copyright infringement.

ImageLock also enables you to set a custom action on right-click. Visitors who click on your images are interested in what they see. Seize that opportunity and engage them by displaying a custom menu linking to your email or social media pages.

Available right-click custom actions

  • Show custom menu
  • Show tooltip and message
  • Redirect to image link
  • Display native browser alert window
  • Do nothing


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