Gratisfaction: Loyalty, Referral and Rewards

App price: Free to $39+ / month

Loyalty + Referral + Rewards + Social Media Giveaway Platform. Boost loyalty, followers and repeat sales

  • Easily set up a highly effective loyalty program that offers instant rewards, referrals, and social media giveaways
  • Gain exciting ways to reward your customers for shopping with you, including social media actions, signups, referrals, purchases, bookings, and more
  • Give instant rewards or points or both for your store’s loyalty program, giveaways, contests, and other promotions

All-in-one loyalty, referral, giveaway and rewards platform. Increase leads, referrals, followers, purchases, repeat sales and ultimately lifetime value of your customers

Gratisfaction DEMO store:

  • Highly effective pop-ups will capture leads and help you convert them into into sales, referrals, social followers, and repeat buyers.
  • Set up your own customized loyalty and referral program to reward your customers.
  • Run an awesome social media feed based viral topics, instant rewards, giveaways, and other contests.
  • Incentivize people to subscribe to your social media posts.
  • Drive social media traffic to your store’s website.
This is a great app! I tried Swell Rewards and Loyal2 first and found Gratisfaction to be the best app by far for rewards and loyalty points. At Gratisfaction the customer service is the best for sure. They always respond to emails promptly and efficiently even supplying personal videos as teaching tools when needed.

I set the Gratisfaction app up so it appears on all pages of my website. The widget and popup look clean and don't take up a lot of space on the pages. I've set up a "points for purchase" and "referral" campaign with more options to come. It appears my customers are intrigued and are signing up often. I highly recommend this app over any others on Ecwid for a reward and loyalty points program. Go for it! Mineral Mindz,

Reward your customers for any worthwhile unique actions they may take:

  • Purchases

    Reward loyalty points to your customers for purchases

  • Referrals

    Reward your customers for bringing in referrals that generate new sales for your business.

  • Subscribing to your Newsletter

    Increase subscriptions by rewarding participants for sign ups

  • Account signups

    Reward visitors with points for registering an account.

  • Social shares

    Give participants points or instant rewards for spreading your store’s message to the public on your behalf.

  • Social media actions

    Give participants points or instant rewards for interacting with you store’s web presence: Following you on Twitter, visiting your Facebook Page, tweeting or retweeting posts, watching your YouTube video, and so on.

  • Incentivize many more actions including:
    • Visiting a specific page of your site
    • Visiting your Facebook or Google+ page
    • Set up custom forms and reward participants for filling them in.
    • Facilitate quizzes and surveys

    and more....

  • Reward Redemption

    Customers can spend their points by claiming rewards, from coupons to physical rewards. Define the points required to redeem the selection rewards; you have all the freedom to run your program however you see fit.

Additionally run multiple giveaways, sweepstakes and contests

Gratisfaction is free forever for 100 Loyalty Members. It includes all features. You only pay based on the number of leads you acquire. Take it for a spin today!

Gratisfaction DEMO store:


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