Bulk Gallery Upload

App price: Free

Bulk Gallery Upload for Ecwid

  • You no longer need to pick images one by one
  • Organize clear the dependences of products, picture file names, and captions using the CSV table
  • Gallery image titles is possible on virtually any language (even Thai or Chinese for example) thanks to Unicode
  • You can start bulk uploading directly from the Ecwid control panel

Upload hundreds of product gallery images in minutes using zipped file and CSV!

Need to automate upload gallery images? This is the way.

Install App in your Ecwid store and Authorize it by giving it the necessary permissions. The “Bulk Gallery Upload” is free, but requires any Ecwid paid plan to access API.

Collect all the pictures you need into a single ZIP-archive. Warning: Be careful about file names: due to ZIP standart restrictions, use only ASCII characters (“A-z”, numbers, points, commas, hyphens and underscores are valid).

Organize the dependences of products, picture file names, and captions using spreadsheet:

  1. Export products to Tab-delimited .CSV (Product ID column is required).
  2. Edit .CSV file: add “gallery_image” and “gallery_image_title” columns (required).
  3. Fill cells with image file names and descriptions (“product_id” cell value is required to link gallery image with appropriate product).
  4. Save this .CSV as Tab-separated, Utf-8 encoded (Some programs saves this format with .TSV or .TXT file name extension).

Open “Bulk Gallery Upload” app in your Ecwid Dashboard. Pick .CSV and .ZIP files, select options, and press “Import gallery images” button.

Enjoy gallery uploading.