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Orderhive: Multi-channel Inventory and Order Management

Price: From $50 to $150+ / month, free trial
Made by Orderhive

Manage orders, inventory, and shipment from a centralized Orderhive interface

  • Manage orders & track shipments: Orderhive syncs orders from multiple Ecwid channel allowing you to confirm, cancel, ship & track orders all from one place
  • Manage Inventory: Orderhive update the stock level upon any sales & purchase instances. With integrated barcode functionality, get an instant update of physical stock level located in warehouses
  • Report & Analytics: Get access to real-time analytics and reports of your Ecwid store’s inventory, orders and customers

Easily manage major back-end tasks from a single interface

Unify inventory operations

Orderhive syncs order and inventory data from each of your channels, so you can manage it all from one place.

Automate order processing workflow

Whether you are fulfilling orders on your own or using third-party fulfillment provider like Amazon FBA, Orderhive provides an easy order processing workflow. Easily assign orders to your 3rd party company & shipping carriers for quick fulfillment, generate custom invoices and process payments.

Ship orders with proof of delivery

Orderhive integration with international carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and its automated shipping workflow helps to speed up your shipment process. The integrated tracking system allows you to track the status of the order until after the moment it is delivered.



Made by Orderhive

Contact developer at support@orderhive.com