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ExportFeed: Sell Products on Amazon Marketplace

Price: Free to $39.99+ / month
Made by Exportfeed

Sync your products to Amazon Marketplace without any hassle!

  • List & manage your bulk products and their variations on Amazon sites
  • Connect multiple Amazon Marketplace accounts and manage products easily
  • Supported Amazon Marketplaces: USA, UK, CA, DE, FR, ES, IT, and AU.
  • Orders & inventory sync are supported between your online store & Amazon
  • First feed setup offered FREE + Customer support via Email, Live Chat & Tickets

List & Sell Your Products On Amazon Marketplaces – No More Manual Labor, Wasting Time or Technical Hassles

Adding sales channel is always a great way to increase market exposure and boost sales. But when adding bulk amount of products to Amazon, it takes a lot of time and the chances of making errors are also there.

By using this app, you will be able to sync your products to our cloud platform and generate bulk product feed in no time. As we have added the Amazon templates to this app, you can simply select the template and select the product category that you want to enlist and upload products to Amazon.

ExportFeed makes product listing on Amazon easier. How? You can simply connect ExportFeed with multiple Amazon marketplaces, create listings and sell through them. This app offers to list and even optimize your product listings for Amazon sites like: Amazon USA, UK, CA, DE, FR, ES, IT, and AU.

So, why not start selling you products on Amazon today?



Made by Exportfeed

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