Aerse: Free Product Descriptions

Automatically fill your products with images and attributes

  • Show off your products with beautiful product images
  • Demonstrate product capabilities with detailed specifications
  • Sell more by educating your customers about your products

Millions of product specifications, images and descriptions for e-commerce

Detailed specifications with high resolution images will attract more customers. According to some researches, 55% of cart abandonments were caused by bad content.


Aerse provides the following content:

  • High resolution images coming directly from manufacturers. Show product in great details.
  • Low resolution images with different scale and size. Such images provide better shopping experience on low-speed Internet connections such as mobile phones, tablets or DSL.
  • Information required for shipping calculations such as product weight.
  • Full product specifications found on manufacturer’s official sites. Edited and standardized by our content managers. Will help your customers easily compare products with each other and make decisions.


Most of the stores have difficulties filling hundreds of products with descriptions and images. Aerse helps with such tasks. It works as the following (detailed walkthrough):

  1. You upload into your store basic information about products. Currently supported: name and vendor, SKU, EAN, UPC.
  2. Start synchronization with Aerse.
  3. Aerse will try to find your products in our database.
  4. If product was found, then this information uploaded to your store.
  5. After some time (depends on how large your store), your catalog will be filled with high-quality images and descriptions.

Fast and Easy

You don't have to wait while import completes. The report will be sent to your email.

Easy to configure and run.


Aerse provides content for free.


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