OrangeTwig: Social Media Marketing

Price: From $10 to $35 / month, free trial

Create Sales, Daily Deals, Coupons etc. and auto promote on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr

  • Automate Instagram marketing: design and schedule beautiful posts. Research Hashtags and grow your audience
  • Professional marketing for your shop: no design or technical skills
  • Build your brand: auto-promote on all your social media channels
  • Save time: create product sales, shop sales, daily deals & more in seconds.

Auto-promote your shop on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr!

Marketing is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With OrangeTwig, you can market your store & promotions on social media in seconds - with no design or technical knowledge.

How it works:
  • Create a sale or select products you want to promote.
  • Your products are auto-fitted into our gorgeous, professionally designed layouts.
  • These are posted on your Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr accounts.


  • Product Sale: Put your products on sale and promote these on Social Media.
  • Daily Deal: Put one item on sale every day and promote this on social media. This encourages fans to visit your shop daily.
  • Coupon Code: Import your coupon codes from your store and auto-promote them.
  • Product Posters: Choose any of our layouts to promote your products and shop.
  • Auto-Pilot (coming soon): Create an automated marketing campaign for your non-sale products.