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Postal Express Kazakhstan

Price: Free

Flat Rate Shipping from the USA to Kazakhstan, with All go-to-market tools

  • Ship from USA to Kazakhstan
  • Shipping a package starts at 2$
  • 7 Days Expedited Shipping from US to Kazakhstan

Shipment from the USA to Kazakhstan

Get Flat Rate Shipping & All the go-to-market tools in one App 

  • Automated international workflow, all customs forms, and commercial invoices included
  • We do last-mile right from the USA, from our Florida warehouse
  • Get prospective customers within our customer base.
  • We guarantee No Fraud, as we verify all customers before the package is delivered
  • All transactions & shipping are 100% Insured by our USA based office.  

How it works:

  1. Use any courier to ship locally within USA to our Florida Warehouse
  2. We forward packages several times a week from the USA to Kazakhstan, 5 to 7 days delivery time.
  3. Tracking numbers are synced back to your store and customers are notified.



Made by Postal Express

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