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Klasha Payment Gateway

Made by Klasha

Sell seamlessly into Africa with this fast and free checkout.

  • Reach African consumers
  • Accept payments via multiple methods such as mobile money, debit/credit cards, bank transfer, Klasha wallet, USSD, etc
  • Seamless payment experience and phenomenal transaction success rates
  • Dashboard for accounting, reconciliation, and reporting
  • Integrated checkout that allows customers to pay you without leaving your site

This is an extension integrated into merchants' websites that allow them to reach African consumers by providing a checkout where customers can pay for goods bought seamlessly in their local African currencies.

Klasha builds technologies that allow international retailers to sell seamlessly into the African continent and accept payments online in local African currencies. We also offer end-to-end logistics for our retailers, tackling the complex maze of last-mile logistics on the continent so they don't have to and so that consumers receive their orders faster. Using the Klasha payment gateway, you can easily accept payments from your customers with no setup, periodic, or maintenance fees.

The Klasha payment gateway provides a frictionless payment experience that allows your customers to pay you via multiple payment channels. When the Klasha payment gateway extension is enabled, customers will have the option of making a payment on your website at checkout via multiple options such as debit/credit card, mobile money, bank transfer, USSD, Klasha wallet, etc. With Klasha, your customers can complete their payment without leaving the page by entering their payment information in the Klasha modal pop-up. Once the requested information is entered, the payment is successful and the order on Ecwid is completed.



Made by Klasha

Contact developer at https://support.klasha.com/hc/en-us

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