Alipay Connect

Easily integrate your Alipay merchant account with your Ecwid store

  • Instant API integration with Alipay, China’s largest payment platform
  • One step installation
  • Access to over 500 Million Chinese users
  • Enter your Alipay account details or Stripe USA details and start accepting payments

Alipay integration is essential for Chinese consumers to provide a satisfying checkout experience

Alipay Connect is a checkout extension that puts you in reach of 500 million potential chinese consumers. This app is for Alipay global merchants that have an existing global merchant Alipay account or a Stripe (USA) account that are looking to integrate the Alipay checkout option for Chinese consumers.

Setting up an Alipay account can be done with Alipay directly or instantly with a Stripe account (USA users).

If you want to do business with China’s massive market of consumers, Alipay is a crucial requirement for your Ecwid store. Being the most trusted and most used payment method in China, Alipay connect will provide your customers with extra security and confidence when buying your product or services.

This is a one-step installation that will instantly integrate Alipay with your Ecwid ecommerce platform. Set, forget and let Alipay Connect do the rest.

For Alipay accounts registered with Alipay, simply enter your Alipay Global Merchant Partner ID, your security key and configure your set currency and you are ready to allow your Ecwid store to access half a billion Chinese consumers.

For Stripe, USA merchants Alipay will be seeing a payment option at checkout and will be linked to your Stripe account.

Alipay Global Merchant Accounts accept the following currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, HKD

Stripe accepts USD with Alipay.

Chinese users will pay in Chinese Yuan after conversion giving your customers greater convenience and confidence.


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