SyncTrack - Add Tracking Info

Price: From $4.99 to $34.99 / month
Made by Omega

Add automatic tracking info to Paypal. #1 Paypal Seller Protection

  • A quick and easy way to synchronize tracking info submission to PayPal
  • Safe and easy setup by creating a dedicated PayPal sub-account
  • Meet PayPal requirement to protect your PayPal account
  • Real-time access to submission status

Use SyncTrack to add automatic tracking info to your PayPal orders

Once you have fulfilled orders, SyncTrack will be notified and get the tracking information and send it to PayPal automatically.

Adding tracking info to PayPal improves cash-flow and reduce chargebacks, disputes and refund from customers for these reasons:

  • When a red flag is raised regarding your account, PayPal may apply a reserve on it. By adding tracking info, you can improve your account's track record - and have the reserve level lowered
  • When there’s a rocket in sales or disputes or chargebacks level, PayPal is holding your payments for up to 21 days in order to protect the buyers. By adding tracking info, you can access your funds right after delivery with supported carriers.
  • By providing tracking information through PayPal, customers can keep track of their transactions. Also, it is one of the requirements and protects you from disputes like Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received.



Made by Omega

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