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Packing Games: Find the Best Carton for Free Shipping Orders

Price: From $9 to $59+ / month, free trial
Made by PackingGames

See how to efficiently pack your free shipping orders

  • See a 3D view of the items packed in the smallest possible shipping carton.
  • Select the right shipping carton every time.
  • Avoid unpacking items because they didn’t fit.

When you offer free shipping, it's critical the orders are shipped in the smallest possible carton

Packing Games starts to work as soon as your customer checks out with free shipping.

Simply provide your product dimensions and shipping carton dimensions through the app and Packing Games has all it needs to identify the smallest possible carton for your free shipping orders.

We offer multiple subscription levels to fit any size business and a 30-day free trial. From the BRONZE plan that processes up to 25 orders/month for only $9 to the PLATINUM plan that processes up to 1000 orders/month for only $149, Packing Games has a subscription level that is right for you.

Packing multiple items in the smallest box possible is like a complicated game of Tetris. That’s why Packing Games uses advanced packing algorithms to identify the smallest carton for your free shipping orders.

Check out our DEMO Store.



Made by PackingGames

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