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Turn shoppers into customers with Ratings, Reviews and Q&A

  • Collect, display and share an unlimited number of reviews – free
  • Display answers to shoppers questions on product pages – free
  • Market products by pushing your best reviews on Facebook and Twitter – free
  • Generate more reviews with HelpfulCrowd’s automated Frictionless Review Xperience (FRX™) – free

The best (and easiest) way to collect real reviews, answer product questions and turn shoppers into customers

HelpfulCrowd helps businesses, just like yours, to market and promote their products/services every minute of every day - simply, efficiently and efficiently.

We do this by helping you easily collect valuable customer content to share with your shoppers - on your website, Facebook and even Twitter. Some of the content we collect includes ratings, reviews, photos, videos and answers to customers questions.

HelpfulCrowd brings a global community of like minded business owners together who share a common goal - to create and grow a successful business using the latest and best value technology that delivers results.

Here’s what some of our members think:

If you’ve been looking for a way to get more sales, look no further! Mike.L, Soundwave Art™.
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HelpfulCrowd has enabled us to significantly sell more of our wristbands so that we can create greater awareness and provide more support Rick.R, Heroin Support Inc.
Gotta say, so far in my setting up this new ecommerce world this has been the best laid out and best integration...that would include mailchimp, yotpo, shipstation and orderdesk. The guys have really nailed it! Dave.D, Land Shark Outfitters.

If you are just starting out, we have a Free Starter Plan. Here’s a snippet of some of the great features you get on it. These features have been proven to collect more content, generate more traffic and create an engaging shopping experience through the buying journey.

  • Personalised review requests
  • Single email, multi-product review request
  • Rich snippet support
  • Thank-you email Review Rewards
  • Review Slider (carousel)
  • Sidebar Tab
  • Social Push
  • Social Sharing
  • Facebook: Product Reviews tab
  • Review Journal page
  • Product Q&A
  • ...and many more!

We’re also creating a buffet of great additional paid features called Add-ons. Add-ons help you accelerate your business by giving you more - more content, more insight, more trust, more awareness, more engagement and more sales.

Imagine having the flexibility and choice of only installing the Add-ons you need, when you need - today...or tomorrow as your business grows. Add-ons give you this flexibility. Afterall, why should you pay a stackload for a set of features if you only need one of them?

Add-ons currently available (or in the near future) include:

  • Media Reviews – the easiest way to truly create shopper engaging content and even share it on your social channels
  • Product Groups – increase the number of reviews displayed on site by sharing them across a group of related products
  • Advanced Review Rewards – thank different customer actions in different ways
  • Unlimited Review Requests – never miss out on a review
  • Inspired products – increase total sales and average customer value by promoting and cross-selling related products (coming soon)
  • Advanced branding – full branding for an entirely seamlessly branded customer experience (coming soon)

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