Free Shipping Bar: Sales Motivator

App price: $2.99 / month, free trial

Boost sales and increase average order value

  • Boost sales: offer free shipping to increase your average order value
  • Motivation for purchase: keep your customers always informed about free shipping condition
  • Fully Customizable look&feel: colors, fonts and texts for each step
  • Geo Targeting: allow to show motivation bar only for customers from specific countries

Do you want to increase average order value? Try Free Shipping Bar!

According to latest data, 90% of customers would be more likely to purchase at online stores if merchants promise them free shipping. This application has a good solution for merchants.

How it works? Motivational messages.

  • At first customer sees initial motivational message like «Free shipping for orders over $100.00»
  • After adding product to cart customer sees progress motivational message like «Only $20.51 away from free shipping»
  • After reached the goal (condition) of free shipping customer sees goal motivational message like «Congratulations! You have got free shipping 🚛 »
  • Customer wants to proceed to checkout because he got free shipping

See it in action! Visit our demo store –

Geo Targeting
This feature allows you to target your free shipping bar by country. If you want to offer free shipping for specific countries, you can choose these countries and bar will be shown only for customers from selected countries.

Fully Customizable and Responsive

  • Customize initial, progress, goal motivational messages
  • Choose any colors for background and texts
  • Select your favourite font and font size for messages
  • 100% Mobile friendly

Try Free Shipping Bar for 7 days, for free.


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