Smart Recommendations and Recently Viewed Products

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Personal recommendations to increase sales and customer loyalty

  • Sliders selling your products: individual recommendations for each of your buyers, "Products that people also looked at", "Products that people also bought", "Recently viewed"
  • Big data algorithms like on Amazon and eBay platforms. Content sliders automatically adapt to and take into account the behavior of each buyer
  • Placement of sliders at all points of contact with the buyer: homepage, catalog, and products’ cart page
  • Change the look and operational mechanics of the application at your request

Offer the most suitable products to each buyer!

The dream of every shop is that every visitor makes a purchase. Why is this not happening? It's simple – the customer does not find what they need. And the most frustrating thing is that there is a suitable product in your store! You just did not show it to them, and the customer did not reach this product: they did not have the patience to look for it and went to a competitor instead.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other giants of our industry have solved this problem already. They have added personalized product recommendations on their storefronts and pages. Their content adapts to the individual behavior and preferences of every customer, offering the most suitable products for them, here and now. Now it is possible for you too!

  • Hold the attention of customers and increase the chance of them making a purchase. This application offers a unique set of the most suitable products for a specific visitor on the front page and the categories page.
  • Increase the size of the order and the level of a customer’s loyalty to you. The application will show most of the browsing or buying, together with chosen products on the product page and in the shopping cart. There are additional accessories or alternative products for more shopping.

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Made by Simcase

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