Product Search Enhancer

App price: $9.95 / month, free trial

Offer autosuggestions and advanced search to your customers

  • Add an autosuggestion feature to your search box
  • Key features of an item is shown on mouse hover of an autosuggestion dropdown
  • Advanced Search feature, allows your customers to filter by price, categories, keyword, etc.
  • Many customizable settings to choose from

Enhance your customer's shopping experience, with Search Autosuggestions and Advanced Search

Although the default search box is powerful, it is nevertheless missing two important features:

  1. Autosuggestion dropdown options as a customer types in the search box
  2. Advanced Search feature - in which a customer can filter a search to a specific category, price range, keyword, all or some of the above, and also give the customer the search results sort option.

This app can help increase your sales

There have been studies proving that having these options on your website can increase conversion rates and sales, by a large amount.

Companies like Printerland implemented this concept on their site and found that visitors who utilize the auto-complete search feature with thumbnails are six times more likely to convert from a visitor into a buyer.